<p>HiPipo: Digital, Music and Events. In February 2006, website development for the current day HiPipo was started. The domain www.HiPipo.com was registered on 29-March-2007. The website www.HiPipo.com was commercially launched on 30-April-2007 as a social entertainment platform with focus on Digital, Music and Events. In 2009, HiPipo (U) Limited was incorporated as a Limited Liability Company.</p> <p>Article will be published in the most appropriate section аt discretion of the editor.</p> <p>This page is searched by keywords: press release music, press release example music, press release distribution for musicians, press release distribution music, submit press release music, how to write a press release music, how to write a press release music industry, how to write a music press release uk, online music press release.</p>
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