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Noticias de Álava (Araba News) is a news & article website centered around local information relevant to the Basque community of Spain that normally doesn't get published on regular news sites. Created in Pamplona, it is one of the two most important newspapers in Navarra. Noticias de Álava also publishes the content from contributors.

The website pays special attention to the content that can aid the distribution of information in the Basque regions of Spain. Noticias de Álava supplies the growing information demand among the news publishers and ordinary people. The portal sees itself as a self-aware news site that pays outmost attention to its aesthetic presentation, with a color scheme carefully crafted and designed by the famous designer Ricardo Bermejo.

Here you can find a wide variety of blog and article topics, related to politics, multimedia, popular events, international news, economy, expert opinion, regional news, sports, culture and relaxation. Being a Spain-focused website, Noticias de Álav publishes almost all of it’s content in Spanish. Publishing your advertisement on Noticias de Álava will expose your content to most of the Basque region of Spain, thus allowing you to promote your brand by expanding your advertisement to online platforms. It will result in a boost in organic views and an increased level of sales. Noticias de Álava can boast a strong Twitter presence with over 10k followers, supported with 3416-fans Facebook page.

Article will be published in the most appropriate section аt discretion of the editor.

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