This current affairs website has a whole host of topics and genres, so the target audience is vast. Hosted in France, it is certainly not limited to Europe. Indeed, it has a category entitled ‘Global’ and features are current and varied. You can get your own stories and features published on this site with ease. Why not take a good look around the different aspects of the site and see what inspires you? The site is covered on social media too, so you can be sure of great coverage.

This website also has a link to the livejournal.com website, so readers can make their way there to use the community publishing platform. This is a great way for users to chat to new people and share their common interests and creativity. It is used differently in different regions of the world, making it a totally unique and tailored experience for everyone.

Adverts appear on the site and are relevant, as well as being non-distracting. It has a no-nonsense feel to the website and many articles are published daily. There is a huge demand for news, so why not add your name and ideas to the site and get yourself out there!

Article will be published in the most appropriate section аt discretion of the editor.

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