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<p>Established in 1986, Rekord has become the capital city’s largest and most influential community newspaper group. The group publishes nine weekly titles (Rekord East, Rekord Far East, Rekord North, Rekord Moot, Rekord Centurion, Rekord Central, Rekord Mamelodi, Rekord West and Rekord Noweto) and distributes 309 400 newspapers across the city every week. As Pretoria’s leading hyper-local news brand, the interest of our readers is at the heart of our editorial positioning. We tackle issues concerning our communities, tell their stories, brag with their achievements and portray daily life in the Jacaranda City. While Pretoria’s residents continue to consume our newspapers heavily, they are also increasingly engaging with Rekord content electronically.</p> <p>Article will be published in the most appropriate section аt discretion of the editor.</p>
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