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<p>The Recorder Journal is an independent news site, bringing you the main headlines from around the globe. Launched in November 2015, it is a relatively new site and features many stories of interest. With Business, Entertainment, Technology, Science, Sport, Health, World and USA categories to look through, there is plenty on offer. The Home page brings you the main features but clicking on a category will allow you to focus on that genre only. This is handy for anyone with a particular interest or may be looking for a specific story.</p> <p>This is a great site for news, both current and topical. With many of the more traditional news sites, the topics can be a little limited. However, with this one you will get stories that may be related to a certain recent event but are not limited to just that. For example, a story may cover a particular event from an awards ceremony but also what this could mean for society in general.</p> <p>Viewed predominantly in Canada, North America, Panama and Chile, there is plenty of scope for growth. If you have an interesting and topical story to publish, you can do this with the Recorder Journal site. It is updated regularly, so you can be sure of a regular turnover.</p> <p>Article will be published in the most appropriate section аt discretion of the editor.</p>
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