Devina is a local news portal site aimed at the Vinaròs, Benicarló, Peñiscola and Comarca regions of Spain. Devina focuses mostly on news that are relevant to the adjacent territories of the Castelló Valencian Community, but also offers insights on regional, national, and International events.

Devina covers a wide array of journalism genres, such as: news, economy, culture, science, social events, sports, viral media, whilst also offering a mix of classified advertisements and job postings.

Devina’s target audience are people residing in Spain. It is first and foremost aimed at residents of the Valencian Communities, but also people who want to know more about the happenings around Spain, or people interested in reading casual news in Spanish or Valencian Catalan.

This page manages multiple social media networks, which is a surefire way to gain more exposure as a reputable news source. If your goal market revolves around Hispanic speaking countries; or more specifically, if you want your website or product to be noticed by Spanish residents or Valencian habitants, you should consider publishing on, where your content will surely gain a steady influx of Spanish residents eager to take a look at what you might have to offer. This will lead in more exposure, which can notably boost your sales.

Article will be published in the most appropriate section аt discretion of the editor.

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