House under construction

House Under Construction is a website devoted to the complete process of building a house. There are various different sections, including topics such as flooring, walling and roofing. There is an abundance of information regarding which flooring to choose and how to maintain it once it has been laid.

The site is primarily aimed at anyone with the skills and knowledge to take on a project like this. However, it is also very useful for those that may not be able to undertake the work themselves but are interested in how the process works and what aspects they should consider.

Advertisements appear on the page for industry appropriate companies, as well as various marketing partners, and there are handy videos to watch too. The blog section is full of articles related to house construction and are intended to be helpful in avoiding huge mistakes. There is a great Other section, which covers plenty of interesting and unique topics. This includes how to build a rockery in your garden and how to build a treehouse.

The website covers everything you could think of when undertaking a house building project and the many step-by-step instructions are clear, concise and easy to follow. You can also follow the site on social media, where there are various topics covered regularly. If you have expert knowledge to share, why not publish it on this site!

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