<p>Dental Products Report is the flagship publication of the Modern Dental Network. The Modern Dental Network was built with every member of the dental team in mind, including the dentist, hygienist, assistant, office manager and laboratory technician.</p> <p>UBM Medica’s group of publications is the only one in the dental industry to touch every member of the team and this philosophy of treating every team member with importance was the genesis for the creation of the Modern Dental Network. With articles geared toward every member of the team, an easy-to-follow navigation system, a focus on the dental practice workflow, and an improved experience for all visitors, the Modern Dental Network will become the source for all dental professionals for the latest dental-related information that will benefit them personally and professionally.</p> <p>Article will be published in the most appropriate section аt discretion of the editor.</p> 4 4 $5408.00 In stock! from $5408.00 to $5408

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