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What advantage does new Conveyor-Rollers offer to Material Handling Systems

Avancon SA, 2 November, 2017 —

With great experience and passion Dieter Specht, the co-founder of the Interroll-Group has invented the roller again. It is a roller-corpus of polyamide or with tires of polyurethane for conveying 80 % of all goods, which are daily transported around the world. This incomparable roller-concept offers many combinations besides a safe and protected installation in a new advanced and attractive conveyor-design.

KROOZ Launches Massive Recruitment for Ride-Sharing Partner Drivers

22 June, 2016 —

KROOZ, Inc., is a leading Dallas, Texas-based peer-to-peer-ride-sharing transportation network company, KROOZ has announced a massive recruitment for independent partner drivers spanning 23 countries.