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India’s First Crowd Sourced News Platform for Social Issues Launches on International Women’s Day

14 March, 2017 — is the first crowd sourced news platform in India for sharing, discussing and highlighting socially relevant issues.

Choupette Has Paid a Visit to the Elatom Orphanage

12 January, 2017 — Choupette has paid a visit to the Elatom orphanage. It has already become a tradition for the company to visit children, who have been left without parents’ care because of the developmental delays.

Reviews of Best Over 50 Dating Sites Now Released Online for The Benefit of Over 50 Singles

20 June, 2016 — The website presents the reviews of the best dating sites meant for the over 50 singles, allowing them to add love, happiness and excitement in their lives, once again.

How Two Entrepreneurs are Solving Water Problem In Maharashtra

28 April, 2016 — Over 7,000 students and staff members from different schools in Pune have been contributing their leftover water back to their schools for watering plants and cleaning toilets, tasks that were earlier done using fresh water.

Connect, a nonprofit start-up in the funding phase, to introduce world’s first donation card for retail.

24 March, 2016 — Connect, a non-profit start-up in the funding phase, introduces the Connect Card — the world’s first donation card, designed for the global retail market.

Top Dogg K-9 Foundation Launches VDOGS Crowdfunding Page to Help Veterans

18 February, 2016 — Blake "Top Dog" Rashad understands all too well the pain of PTSD. He is a veteran, and he has suffered with this disorder. Rashad is not alone.

Kasey Waller Is On A Mission From Poverty To Entreprenuership While Helping Others To Succeed.

17 January, 2016 — Kasey Tyler-Waller was born in Chicago, IL. She then later moved to Joliet, which is a small suburb right outside Chicago.

Millionaire matchmaker and the best millionaire dating sites

24 December, 2015 — The millionaire matchmaker told people how to date a millionaire match, while the best millionaire dating sites showed them where to find a millionaire match.

Numero Vastu Comes Up With Numerology Courses for Predicting Better Fortune

25 November, 2015 — Numero Vastu is offering courses on numerology, astrology and graphology. All its courses help to improve the fortune of any person.

Тверская таможня приняла участие в международной выставке

3 November, 2015 — 21-22 октября Тверская таможня впервые приняла участие в XVI Международной выставке «Таможенная служба - 2015», которая состоялась в Москве в ЦВК «ЭКСПОЦЕНТР»  в преддверии Дня таможенника Российской Федерации. Девиз выставки в 2015 году -  «Евразийский экономический союз: таможня и экономика».