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Bitcoin May Breach $333,000 By 2023: Why This Prediction Isn’t Crazy

CryptoLauren, 9 January, 2019 —

There’s no denying it, the crypto industry is known for its eccentric individuals, statements, and startups. John McAfee, for example, promised to consume his family jewels if Bitcoin (BTC) doesn’t reach $1 million apiece by 2020’s end. While McAfee’s call is by far the most bizarre, especially what he wagered, he isn’t the only industry insider to expect for BTC to break out of its quintuple digits cell.

Smart Refinery Technologies starts Private sales round on June 15

18 June, 2018 —

The world's first blockchain platform for refining industry is officially launching a private round of sales based on the ERC-20 standard.

Wealthman predicts the emergence of a global blockchain court

8 June, 2018 —

Over the last two years, on-blockchain assets have grown rapidly in both quantity and value. However, over the same period, news headlines are showing that on-blockchain assets bring security issues.

Memorandum Capital has Held Another Meet-up in Seoul

5 June, 2018 —

Memorandum Capital has successfully held 2nd meet-up in Seoul within the framework of its Road Show on May 25, 2018.

Investments in ICO with fiat money is now real by QUASA Logistics 2.0

21 May, 2018 —

QUASA is not only the smart platform for cargo owners, carriers and logisticians, but a trustworthy place for investments. Logistics 2.0 is on.

Crypto Extraction Offers Members Efficient way to Start Mining Bitcoin

18 May, 2018 —

Entering into Bitcoin mining just became much more simple. Thanks to the innovative new company Crypto Extraction.

The secret of online cargo transportation that makes your life easier

17 May, 2018 —

The first open blockchain platform for cargo transportation drops down time, labor and financial costs in the shipping process.

New Capacity - TeslaWatt

27 April, 2018 —

We are excited to announce that we have expanded our capacity to 1 MW

Bulleon ICO Structure & Token purpose

Bulleon, 12 April, 2018 —

The blockchain technology have been utilized to provide Bulleon users with financial value. Ethereum blockchain has been the go-to platform when developing new tokens and coins. Bulleon is powered by Ethereum technology, which features smart contracts that are decentralized, self-executing and work as agreements coded in the blockchain. Ethereum blockchain exceeds the capabilities of Bitcoin blockchain to the point that most tokens of value are launched on the technology.

Blockchain Conference — Decenter Cryptoevent Moscow 2018

11 April, 2018 —

Decenter Cryptoevent Moscow 2018, the largest Blockchain forum and crypto exhibition in Europe, took place in Moscow. More than 10,000 participants, 100 international companies, more than 100 journalists, as well as 60 experts in the field of crypto currencies and ICOs participated in the event.