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Дмитрий Корчагов вошел в число лучших топ-менеджеров по итогам премии «Топ-100»

Балтийский лизинг, 11 December, 2018 —

Состоялось юбилейное XV награждение лауреатов премии «Топ-100», учрежденной редакцией газеты «Деловой Петербург». Генеральный директор компании «Балтийский лизинг» Дмитрий Корчагов в очередной раз был отмечен в числе лучших топ-менеджеров в номинации «Лизинг».

TransWISH Indonesia Participate in GNIK Congress 2018

TransWISH Indonesia, 3 December, 2018 —

Transwish Indonesia Actively participates in GNIK (Gerakan Nasional Indonesia Kompeten / Indonesia Competent National Movement) congress. The event was held at Birawa Ballroom, Bidakara Hotel, South Jakarta at November 21st 2018.

DIGIS, a Cyprus-Based Software Development Company, Plans to Flow Into the North American IT Market

DIGIS, 30 November, 2018 —

San Francisco, CA, September 13, 2018 Mr. Nagatkin says that Do IT Programming Solutions has already been providing custom software development services to multiple clients residing in the United States and Canada, and now, as their number keeps on growing, the company started thinking about setting up its office or entering into some partnership with a local softdev firm to better cover the potential clients and their needs.

RFID Source tagging RFID-based retail protection solutions

27 November, 2018 —

As an EAS company and RFID Source tagging RFID-based retail protection solutions offers technology that helps determine when goods leave a store

“The US faces a risk of Dutch Disease” Mera Capital analyst says

9 October, 2018 —

Saint-Petersburg, Oct 08, 2018 – Mera Capital, a leading financial group on wealth management and corporate finances, today distributed among clients an analytical report on the opportunities in the US equities of natural gas extraction, liquefaction and transmission sectors.

Bulgaria to Host International Crypto Conference and Luxurious Party

Krypton Events, 7 August, 2018 —

On 14 September, 2018 NDK Sofia will host NEXT BLOCK Conference “Evolution Of Money” organized by Krypton Events, in partnership with Cryptovest.

iSunshare Announced 2018 Windows Password Genius Review

iSunshare, 1 August, 2018 —

iSunshare makes a conclusion about the 2018 Windows Password Genius and carries out the future plans.

Hệ sinh thái dựa trên nền tảng blockchain fandom đã có mặt trên Bit-Z

1 August, 2018 —

FTI là token do Quỹ FansTime phát hành. Hiện nay, Quỹ FansTime đã hợp tác với nhiều nhà đầu tư để tái thiết thành công Fan Economy.

Renting a SF Furnished Apartment

Renting a SF Furnished Apartment, 13 July, 2018 —

Sf Furnished Apartments - We are Leading provider of student and corporate housing in San Francisco.

Летние букеты: разнообразие и великолепие

25 June, 2018 —

Летние букеты: разнообразие и великолепие