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Latest News from Companies, page 7

Dr Songxinping Reveals Latest Prostate Cancer Treatment that is Safe, Natural & Effective

5 April, 2017 — The 3D Prostate Targeted Therapy is a non-surgical method that uses targeted injections of herbal extracts to eliminate causative pathogens and clear the prostate blockage to cure several types of prostate disease, including prostate cancer.

HicksBoi4Real Releases Intro of Their Upcoming Mixtape ‘The Youngest OG’

5 April, 2017 — Well known for his ever expanding artistry, HicksBoi4Real now releases the intro of their Upcoming Mixtape ‘The Youngest OG’ on Sound Cloud for music lovers to experience the energy and excitement of the forth coming track.

PubHTML5 Digital Magazine Software Has Seen the Future

5 April, 2017 — The online publishing has been the fashion trend in 2017. For the future digital publishing, it mainly focused on the HTML5 publishing and mobile publishing. PubHTML5 digital magazine software forecasted this and made it into action.

PubHTML5 Magazine Maker Adds New Feature — Publish Magazine as Android App

5 April, 2017 — To help the marketers open the mobile publishing market and reach the mobile readers, now PubHTML5 developed a new features for user that they can now publish the interactive magazine as Android App.

Company-List Helps To Establish Contact between Clients

5 April, 2017 — Company-List provides a global database of companies that belong to various industrial sectors. The platform imposes no charge on registration.

World Best Import & Export Company Introduces New Range of Technologically Advanced Printers for Different Sectors

5 April, 2017 — The printer range includes Coffee Printer, Phone Case Printer and UV Printer to print on beverages, phone cases and covers and a variety of other surfaces and materials.

Local Craft Beer Taproom Wins Fan Support in Fort Atkinson WI

5 April, 2017 — Local craft beer taproom featuring Bent Kettle craft beer is now open every Thursday - Sunday in downtown Fort Atkinson, WI., located in the former 88 Underground.

Pubhtml5 Released Flipbook Software New Upgrades for Windows Version 5.4.8

5 April, 2017 — In recent days, PubHTML5 launched the Windows Version 5.4.8 with new features and fixes. It is carried out with the smooth using and reading experience.

Kenneth Ketner Orange County Based Cll Firm, Llc Business Financing Services in the News

5 April, 2017 — Kenneth (Ken) Ketner Business Development Manager of Orange County based CLL Firm, LLC, announces business financing services coverage in national business news site.

Platinum Services Limited is launching international SMS Hub

VoIPlatinum, 5 April, 2017 — Platinum Services Limited announces the launch of global SMS Hubbing services that will be handled by Carrier Services.