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Latest News from Companies, page 4

Світовий ринок штучної трави виріс на 12-15% протягом 2016 року

GARLAND, 14 April, 2017 — Такі дані були оприлюднені на щорічній міжнародній конференції по штучній траві «The Grass Yarn and Tufters Forum 2017», яка пройшла наприкінці березня у Мадриді, Іспанія. На заході також виступили представники української компанії «ФФУ Продакшн», яка є першим і єдиним у світі заводом, який належить футбольній федерації країни.

Известный предприниматель Дмитрий Потапенко проведет мастер-класс для украинских ритейлеров и поставщиков

13 April, 2017 — Одним из топ-спикеров 8-й ежегодной Международной бизнес-встречи «FoodMaster&PrivateLabel–2017: Лучшие бизнес-идеи года для развития сотрудничества ритейлера и поставщика», которая состоится 20 апреля в Киеве, станет известный российский бизнесмен Дмитрий Потапенко.

Connected Car Devices Market worth 57.15 Billion USD by 2021

13 April, 2017 — The connected car devices market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 16.3% from 2016 to 2021, to reach USD 57.15 Billion by 2021.

ITIL® Foundation Certification Training Course in Riyadh & Dammam by Vinsys

13 April, 2017 — ITIL® Foundation Certification Training Course EXIN and PeopleCert Accredited at Vinsys. Which Will Help Your IT Tactic with Business Vision & Prep for the Exam.

Cliz Released His Second Single from His Upcoming EP

11 April, 2017 — Released on 24 February 2017 through Independent Ear and ILS/Caroline Distribution, the IDK single by Cliz is now available on the Sound Cloud and all other major music networks.

Spacemore Logistics Equipments Introduces Its Range of Shelves and Pallets

11 April, 2017 — Spacemore Logistics Equipments Co., Ltd offers high-quality shelving and racking solutions to various industrial and commercial clients. All its products fully meet the prescribed global criteria.

Blackwolf Workout Supplements Introduces All In One Workout Products

11 April, 2017 — At the press meet held this week, the spokesperson for Black Wolf Workout Supplements said that they were happy to introduce All In One workout .

Players Can Now Take Help of Omega Zodiac Guide Available On Official Website

11 April, 2017 — Proficient City Limited has developed this exciting Omega Zodiac Game, which has simple operations. Still players can consult the Omega Zodiac Guide available on the official game’s website to learn the game playing skills.

Company Introduces Temperature Chamber & Waterproof Tester for Conducting IP56 Test

11 April, 2017 — Lisun Group offers temperature chamber and waterproof tester to conduct dustproof and waterproof testing and check the protection level that the case provides to a LED or CFL lamp.

Omega Zodiac Wiki Reveals Everything about Omega Zodiac Game for Players, Reviewers & Others

11 April, 2017 — Anyone can learn more about the Omega Zodiac Game by consulting the Omega Zodiac Wiki available online on the Omega Zodiac Official Website.