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PRNEWS.IO is a user-friendly PR platform to share your news in just few steps.

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The perfect tool to hit audience in the right way and in the right time

Monitor your online presence and define perfect moments for publishing news releases, advertorials and sponsored posts about your business via your custom online pressroom.

Step-by-step process to create, publish and distribute your PR content

User-friendly interface will let you create your draft, upload images and videos, share and distribute your press release online, so no more back and forth emailing.

All-in-one convenient pressroom

Customize your pressroom to match your brand identity; add press kit with your logo, images, PR materials to give journalists an easy access to your brand media; add your PR contacts list and your company information for any feedback.

Online chat support

Our online support staff will assist you to make the press-release distribution process easy and flawless.

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The whole process is as easy as ABC

  1. Create an account.
  2. Set up your pressroom.
  3. Choose publisher.
  4. Add text and pay the price.
  5. Get published in time.
  6. Done!
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Pretty simple and easy to use platform which tracks the analytics of the the products that are purchased. Being an IT Professional the timely news provided is the best of all.

Andrew Kozinets

Andrew Kozinets, CEO & Owner at UKRCONTEXT