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Monitor Brand Mentions in The News

Track the mentions of the targeted keywords in the news flow around the world.

The system constantly processes thousands of messages in online media and social networks, so that not a single key phrase will be lost.

Follow the informational noise of your competitors and adjust your communications to stay on the top.

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Monitor Online Media

The monitoring system scans a quarter of a million of news sources, as well as social networks, forums, blogs and review sites.

Analyze Activities Of Your Competitors

Follow the online mentions of your competitors. Measure the share of their mentions in the information noise and be ahead of the curve.

Manage Your Brand

The system allows you to clearly understand the attitude of the online audience towards your brand. You can catch the trend in time and react to crisis before it gets out of control.

The Voice Of Your Audience

Create and improve your own social media communication strategy based on the understanding of key topics your audience is interested in.

PRNEWS.IO helps me determine whether a sponsored post is justified, and if so, the marketplace allows me to do it with just one click. This means I don't need to waste time on communication with the editors of those sites. Also, the tool offers a 100% money back guarantee, allowing me to backup all business risks that might be associated with purchasing sponsored content directly from a site I've never worked with before.

Alexandra Tachalova, Digital Marketing Consultant

Alexandra Tachalova
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What Is Media Monitoring?

Media monitoring is the process of scanning content of the news sites, blogs and social networks that results in finding mentions of a specific topic, brand, product name or person.

It’s hard to believe, but before the Internet has gone global, this process was carried out manually and was called press clipping. Special people at agencies scanned newspapers and magazines, watched TV programs to find any mention on the topic of interest.

The digital media era has revolutionized the industry. Now the monitoring system of PRNEWS.IO scans a huge amount of content within a few moments and you can immediately react to the information that appears, before it spreads out. Moreover, the system analyzes the content to give you an idea of the reputation of your brand vs the background of your competitors.