Frequently Asked Questions

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What is

Your online pressroom — is a professional tool for Internet-marketing and PR pros as well as communication agencies. Our service lets you create an online press-center in just a few clicks and handle all of your company’s external communications within one interface.

All media formats in one message

Press release texts distributed via can be supported by graphics, YouTube videos and audio podcasts. These elements improve visualization and positively influence the perception of the news content. We also care about microformats. Micro-level text markup via XHTML enhances interaction between users, web-pages and browsers.

A window on the world broadcasts postings to such news aggregators as Yandex.News and Google News followed by more than 30 million viewers daily. Moreover, news titles get captured by all of the popular monitoring services like NewsIsFree, Interfax SCAN, YouScan, Dow Jones and InfoStream. Professional subscribers like banks, embassies, trade missions, and governmental agencies employees read the above mentioned media on a daily basis.

How to create an account at

It will take you less than 10 seconds to create an account. You just need to visit the Sign Up page and fill in the form.

What should I do if I haven’t received a confirmation e-mail to activate my account?

What should I do if I haven’t received a confirmation email to activate my account? Possibly the email was blocked by your spam filter. Normally we deliver confirmation emails via Postmark that guarantees a 99.99% delivery rate. Please, try to remember if there could be any typos or misprints in the email address your provided to us (full stops instead of commas, another domain etc.) and contact our support service for help.

What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

Please, go to the password reset page and indicate the email address you used for creating an account. You’ll receive an email with instructions on resetting your password.

Can I create several accounts?

We do not prohibit users from creating several accounts at if they are created for different business branches. Please make sure to remember all of the accounts’ passwords. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend users to create several press-centers within one account.

How do I create my company’s pressroom?

Once you filled in the registration form, you’ll be asked to create a Press-Center. You need to fill in your company name and subdomain to get started. Please make sure not to use special symbols (spaces, punctuation marks) for the subdomain — it will be your Press-Center internet address. Please also indicate the location of your company’s head-office.

How to make Press-Center public?

Fill in all of the fields in your future Press-Center according to the checklist on the Main page of your account. Your Press-Center will be available publicly for all users on the Internet shortly.

Can I create several Press-Centers?

Yes, you can. Just click the New Pressroom button in the left-hand menu and create a new Press-Center. Don’t forget to take all of the above mentioned steps to make your Press-Center public.

How to switch languages in the account interface? offers users the choice between 2 language versions — English and Russian. In order to switch languages in your interface click the Settings gear-wheel icon in the top menu > Account Settings > choose the language version in the Interface block > click Save.

How To Set Up Custom Domain?

Personalize your press room with a custom domain. You can set up custom subdomain like

To create a custom subdomain and connect it to your pressroom, please take the following 2 steps.

Step A:

Go to your Domain Manager account:

  1. Click the domain name you want to use.
  2. Navigate to the zone file DNS.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Click Add Account.
  5. From the list 'Record Type' select A (host).
  6. Fill in the following fields: Name Host - Enter the subdomain you want to use.

NOTE: This subdomain can contain a period (.), but not as first or last character. Introducing several consecutive dots (...) is not allowed. Length of the subdomain can not exceed 25 characters.

  1. IP to Address Points - Enter the IP address you want the subdomain to point to. To point the subdomain to your pressroom, please use the following IP address:
  2. TTL - Select for how long the server should cache the information.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Click Save Zone File and click OK. New subdomain will appear in the A (host).

Step B:

Sign in to your account, go to the pressroom you'd like to customize the domain for and click the Pressroom Settings tab. Enter the subdomain (e.g. in the Domain Alias field and click the "Save" button. Now wait for your DNS provider to update the records. It might take up to 48 hours to propagate DNS records.

Can I invite my team members to collaborate in the pressroom? account owners can share guest access to the account with their team members or partners from various PR agencies to collaborate on the Press-Center. Just go to the Users section and add a new user - simply indicating his or her email address for sending out an invitation letter.

What kind of rights are granted to the invited user?

Invited users can manage Press-Center settings and content, which includes press releases and media content. Guest users will have no access to your account settings.

How can I delete an invited employee who no longer works for the company from the list of users?

Deleting a user does not mean deleting their account. You can just stop sharing the access to your Press-Center with them.

Can the invited users create their own pressrooms?

An invitation allows the guest user creating an account with full access to all the tools available. In other words, guest accounts let users create their own Press-Centers and work with your Press-Centers at the same time.

What are the basic requirements for press release?

The essential press release requirement is the news-hook. Make sure your press release is newsworthy. If it is truly a newsworthy story, editors are much more likely to use it. Please read more about press release format.

The title should be brief (up to 10 words) and answer the question “What happened/will happen?” It should also contain name of the company that provides information. Build the title according to the SVO rule - Subject Verb Object. For example: «Company Presented New Product line», «Cargolight Will Take Part In The Internmodal India 2012 Exhibition», «DSG Cargo Company Has Expanded Into The Market of Poland», etc. The title can be also used in the following format “Company name: statement”. For example, «TradeBizCompany: traders are expecting growing demand on the food and fiber market» or «Mark Davis: TrustCapitalProfits expects growing investors’ interest to the company».

Lead (first paragraph) should consist of no more than 2-3 sentences and answer the questions Who? What? Where? When? Why? Answers to these questions should be brief and to the point. Lead should encourage editors to read the full text and not to delete your message. Please also make sure not to use links, images and bullet points in the lead. It’s usually published as the preview, so it has to be brief and clear.

The text body should expand on the news story. Every important point should be addressed within the first sentences. The subsequent paragraphs should reveal the supporting information. Fill your press-release with hard numbers, experts’ quotes and opinions, as well as technical details that support the significance of your product release or announcement. The recommended length of a press release is about 2000 characters. An exception can be made only for press releases that demand detailed description to reveal the news hook. E.g. parameters to describe new technical item or software.

Add a paragraph with the company profile after the body text. Place information about the company, but stick to the point of the story and avoid promos.

Include contact details for journalists to reach the appropriate person for additional information.

Avoid waffle, slogans and emotional statements and appeals in your press release. Remember that this message is intended for the editor, not the customer. Stay away from hype-bloated epithets like “breakthrough”, “unique”, “state-of-the-art”, etc. Avoid using industry jargon too much; don’t expect that everyone reading it knows what you’re talking about. Write the press release in the third person. Instead of using ‘we,’ ‘us’ and ‘ours,’ use ‘they,’ ‘them’ and ‘theirs.’ Write in the active voice – the passive voice tends to kill interest.

Proofread your press release - and let someone else proofread it as well - before sending it out. Double check if all of your hyperlinks are working correctly. Even a single mistake can dissuade a reporter from taking you seriously. If quotes are used in the text - select a single style typeface.

Do you provide press release writing services?

Yes, you can order writing services from editors. Just fill the brief in and provide the maximum information about the event or the news you wish to tell your audience. In 24 hours you will get the text and will be able to add your comments and approve the content.

The text written by the editors will comply with the requirements of a chosen platform. The text length, its format and contents will perfectly meet the high standards of specific or general media.

Am I allowed to use media-content in my press release?

Yes, our admin panel for adding press releases gives you an option to upload images, logos and Youtube videos. To insert a video just add a hyperlink to the chosen item.

How do I add a press release?

In order to add a press release, please click on the Submit Press Release button in your account. Choose the appropriate category that is related to the topic of your press release, choose language, date, location, and fill in the required text fields. Please make sure to add all required media - images and/or links along with video content. Click Save to Draft button If you aim to add any changes to the text later, or click the Publish button if you are ready to share your press release with the world.

What kind of press releases are not accepted to be published at keeps the right to refuse in publishing press release that contains:

  • advertising appeal to the buyer or a call to any other action;
  • conflict information, direct or indirect charges without reference to judicial decisions;
  • information, calling for unfair practices, fraud or cheating;
  • information from fictitious sources;
  • call for seizing power, violent change of the constitutional order and the integrity of the state, inciting national, class, social, religious intolerance or hatred;
  • information that includes an excessive number of links, lists and tables.

We accept conflict related texts, political advertising, open letters to public figures, politicians or other representatives of the authorities only with the indication of specific name of the author or company in charge. The text should also contain contact details of the person in charge.

What do the symbol counters placed next to the title, lead and full text fields mean?

Symbol counters placed next to “Title”, “Lead” and “Full Text” fields are to inform you of the number of characters typed. We recommend you not to exceed the stated number of characters.

If your text exceeds the number of characters indicated by counter, that does not mean you have to shorten the text. But it’s better for you to reduce the amount of text simply placing a link to a page that contains detailed information. This will greatly facilitate the work of journalists who do not have time to read all of the text to reveal the value of the story.

It is good for Google snippets as well. Google recommends shorten the title of the press release to 70 characters, and the lead to fit into 150 characters.

How long does it take to moderate the newly added press release?

Free press releases are checked within 2 days. If everything is OK, press release is approved. If press release is rejected, you'll be notified on the reject reason.

My press release was rejected by moderator. How can I get to know why? rejects press release if it doesn’t correspond to the stated requirements. We prohibit publications with information or direct promotion of slot machines, cheating devices and gaming accounts purchase. Avoid aggressive advertising in your press releases since such texts are also to be rejected. We are strongly against scam, spam and fraud publications. The press releases that violate these standards will be rejected and deleted from the platform.

You’ll get an email notification with the reject reason. Once required changes are applied to the text you can publish your press release again. Please do not re-publish the rejected press release without adding required changes.

My press release was sent to draft by moderator. How can I get to know why?

We send press release to draft when it has minor mistakes or supposes editing. The reasons may be as following:

  • When it’s written in the first person or presents author’s opinion. It is also a mistake to address to users (using a second-person narrative).
  • When its headline doesn’t describe the content and doesn’t provide the info about the news in the text.
  • When the lead is too descriptional and doesn’t provide info about the news in the text.
  • When the traditional contact info about the company is missing below the text. Please, include contact person, company name, phone/fax, email, physical/postal address.
  • When the text is poorly written without spell checking.
  • When the text is all CAPS or includes many words written in CAPS letters.
  • When no editing is done. Please, make the text readable and divided into paragraphs.
  • When the text is written as a general article about a company, a person or a product.
  • When the text doesn’t contain any new information about an event, a company, a person or a product.
  • When the text is written like an advertisement of a product, describes its benefits, promotes company’s services and stuffed with call-to-actions and links to products or services.
  • When the text duplicates already published releases on other websites.
You’ll get an email notification with the reason why your text is put into draft. Once required changes are applied to the text you can re-publish your press release again. If no required editing is done, the press release will be sent to rejected.

For how long will the added press release stay on

Press releases are added “forever”. This indicates the term for which press release accommodation is made, and means the physical existence of the press release while the domain is delegated and functional. It corresponds to the virtual life of the website.

How to ask for refund for purchased packages/platforms?

To get refund you need to browse your transactions history, choose the platform/package you wish to remove, and click “Refund” in the context menu. Please, remove the text you added for publication before asking for refund.

You can ask for refund within 90 days of the date of purchase. We provide refunds in two cases: you mistakenly purchased the platforms where you already have publications; chosen platform conditions don’t meet your requirements anymore. We can only refund the orders that have been placed by mistake and have not been delivered yet.

The refund amount will return to your account balance in the currency of payment right after the application is processed. You can use the refund money to purchase other publications/packages.

What’s the difference between platform traffic sources?

Filter “Audience” will show you the sources of traffic that build up the website’s audience.

Direct traffic — users type the website’s URL into the address bar or choose it from their bookmarks.

Referral traffic — visitors come to the website from the other resources rather than directly or from organic search.

Search traffic — visitors search the info on the Internet using keywords and come to the website from SERPs.

Social traffic — visitors come to the website from social media networks.

How do I sign up for your affiliate program?

In order to get started with’s affiliate program, you just need to sign in to account, go to Settings -> Affiliate Program -> Resources and get your affiliate link there.

What is the commission amount?

Affiliates earn commissions of 5% from each order paid by their referrals. You can withdraw your earnings from your affiliate account using a number of different payment methods: PayPal, Skrill and Webmoney.

How often are commissions paid?

Commissions are paid upon your request but only after you earn at least $50. You can make a request for the payment by pressing the “Withdrawal” button in the Affiliate Dashboard of your account.

How long does it take to withdraw my commission earnings?

Usually it takes up to 5 business days to process the commission withdrawal request. After your request for payment is processed, the estimated time of commission arrival depends on the terms of payment method you chose to complete the commission withdrawal.

Do you offer any commissions statistics?

Yes, you can track your “Withdrawal History” in your Affiliate Dashboard.

How are my sales tracked?

Affiliate links contain unique identifiers allowing us to “cookie” anyone coming from your affiliate link.

I discovered that my commissions were decreased. How could that happen?

If any of our customers refunds a purchase you received a commission for, the commission you earned for that purchase will be subtracted from your commission earnings.

How do I make money with

Our affiliate program allows users to earn money by simply referring visitors through an affiliate link that you can find in the Affiliate program section of your account.

What will I get in Facebook Reach 10,000 offer?

The link to your article with positive comment will be published on Facebook by the influencer(s) and will gain Reach of 10,000. Reach shows how many people will see influencer’s post in their feed. We count Reach based on the total number of friends and subscribers of each influencer and the number of active friends and subscribers. It includes those who have interacted with the influencer’s posts within the last 30 days. By interaction we mean like, comment or repost. In 5 business days you will get the report on the campaign.

Attention: service is provided as is, comments and influencers are not negotiated.

What will I get in 1 year guarantee offer?

The Company guarantees availability of Brand content and its protection from removal or changes of basic terms of Placement within 1 year.

Removal means disappearance (inaccessibility) of the Website or removal of Brand content from the Website (hereinafter — "Removal").

Changes of basic terms mean:

  • change of the number and/or types of links in Brand content;
  • change of architecture of the Website with transfer of Brand content to another web address (subdomain)

(hereinafter each of the cases individually or both - "Changes of Basic Terms").

In case of Removal or Changes of Basic Terms, the Company undertakes to restore the initial state of Brand content within 10 working days, or, if such restoration is not possible, to refund 100% of Placement cost to the Client’s Account Balance.

The Client must notify the Company about the Removal or Changes of Basic Terms by email at If such notification was done during non-working hours or on weekends or holidays, the first subsequent business day is to be considered the date of notification.

If several Changes of Basic Terms appeared simultaneously, the refund will not be multiplied. In any case the total sum of refund can not exceed the Placement cost.

In case of refund the terms of the Guarantee shall be deemed to be fulfilled.

The term of the Guarantee can be extended by paying the commission in the same amount for each consecutive year.

What are the payment options available on this website?

PRNEWS.IO has partner companies in several countries that gives us an option to provide a wide choice of payment options. Following payment options are available on our website at the moment:

  • Wire transfer (USD, EUR, CZK, UAH, RUR)
  • PayPal (USD, EUR, GBP, CZK, RUB)
  • Visa and MasterCard via LiqPay
  • Yandex.Money and Visa и MasterCard cards via Unitpay
  • Bitpay (BTC)
  • Webmoney Transfer (WMZ, WMR)

We are currently working to add new payment options:

  • ePayments (USD, EUR, RUB)
  • ETH via BitPay
  • Stripe for payments with Visa, MasterCard and AMEX cards

Will there be any extra fees applied throughout the payment process?

Depending on the payment option you choose, the following fees can be applied:

  • PayPal — 3%
  • Visa and MasterCard cards via LiqPay — 10%
  • Bitpay (BTC) — 5%

How long does it usually take to credit the funds to the account balance?

If electronic payment methods were used, funds will be credited to the account balance instantly.

If payment was completed via wire transfer during business day/hours it may take several hours for the funds to be credited to the account balance.

Crediting funds to the account balance may be delayed until the following business day in case the wire transfer was done in non-business hours.

If crediting funds to the account balance is the matter of urgency, please e-mail to with the copy of your payment evidence.

Will I get invoice or receipt?

All the payment receipts are available in the Transaction History page in your account. Just click on the dropdown list next to each transaction statement.

Receipts (invoices) for payments completed via PayPal are assigned a fiscal number as a result of the transaction registration on the Financial Administration server.

How to issue refund for the ordered packages/platforms?

To return funds to your account balance you need to go to the Transaction History page in your account, choose the paid option that needs to be refunded and click Refund in the dropdown menu. Previously you need to delete the text that was added to the platform/package that needs to be refunded.

You can request a refund within 90 days after placing your order only. We will refund the money if you purchased publications on the sites where articles were already posted, or if the conditions of the chosen platform no longer fit your requirements. The refund policy is applicable to the mistakenly placed orders that were not completed yet.

Funds will be refunded to your account balance in the currency of the initial payment immediately after your refund request is considered. Funds can be used to pay for the other packages/platforms on our website.

How to switch the currency?

We use geoIP libraries and cookies to locate the default currency output.

You may switch the currency in your account settings. Please make the following steps:

  1. Log in to your account;
  2. Go to the Account Settings (gear icon in the top menu);
  3. Choose the preferred currency in the dropdown menu next to the Currency field.