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Every day the online media receive hundreds of press releases. At alone we help to distribute over 2,000 press releases every month. Journalists should obtain information quickly and decide what press releases to publish and which ones are not noteworthy. It’s no wonder that many press releases fall into oblivion.

Imagine that our PR kitchen has turned into a real kitchen where we’re to cook a dainty dish called “Press Release.” If we select the right ingredients and stick to the recipe, the dish will appeal to the taste of a professional taster — the journalist. And finally, the journalist will treat the readers — your potential target audience — with it. users often ask us to notify them when the media cut prices for their publications. Our managers usually contact each client to inform about the price drop. But there is another way of monitoring prices for media publications on our website. We will tell you how to do it with the help of our friends from TimeBuy.

One of the best ways of feel your way into what makes a great news release headline is to analyse existing headlines. Have a look at what is already out there and you will definitely get a sense of what works well and what doesn't.

In this blog we will give you some helpful advice about how to get yourself published on tow key websites: VentureBeat and TheNextWeb. For tried and trusted tactics that will get you published, read on!