Every startup faces this problem right after launch: how to promote itself to save money and get maximum exposure? In fact, promoting on low-budget should be a go-to strategy for a startup since they need to focus more on development and service to offer customers a high-end product.

We publish texts on several websites worldwide. Among this are materials brought by clients. Meanwhile, you can often come across texts of poor quality and we are going to tell you why it will do much harm to your PR campaign.

Successful promotion of the website connected with electronic money is directly related to informing. To tell about the cryptocurrency and the forthcoming ICO, you have to involve as many information distribution channels as possible. One of them is mass media. Moreover, it is necessary to be published both in the Russian and in foreign editions. Articles written by professionals will interest the solvent audience. Publications on subjects of interest to the crypto community in profile mass media will attract clients.

Each company dreams of getting on the pages of newspapers, flashing on the covers of authoritative magazines, and receiving thousands of references in the mass media. You can see the section "Mass Media about Us" on the websites of different brands. There are references to publications, television stories, and even PDF files with scans of newspapers and magazines. Such approach helps to earn the reputation of experts and to convince leads to become clients. Everything seems simple, but in practice, some incidents can occur.

The last couple of years have brought along a considerable increase in bitcoin-related websites, and nowadays, companies and start-ups throughout the world have begun focusing on the digital currency. However, successfully promoting a crypto-related website can be a bit difficult at first, given the niche.

Prior to buying a potential customer receives information on the product, forms his or her opinion, and makes a decision. The seller’s goal is to guide the customer through all the stages of purchase funnel and close the trade. Since the late XIX century one of the most effective advertising techniques is the AIDA model based on which an advertising campaign must attract a target audience, spark the interest in the product and hold this interest, arouse and impulse and push for the purchasing.