Press Release Best Practices for Effective PR Campaign

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The press release continues to be a vitally important part of the PR  process. It’s still a good idea to prepare press releases for leading news because it is one of the main tools for business communication.

Could Twitter Replace Press Releases?

Journalists give more credence to press releases than to social media posts. Although social media has become a platform for publishing branded materials, such content is often treated as hearsay. 

The fact is that even on official brand channels on social networks, unreliable material can appear.  The reasons are many: from loss of access to the account to SMM manager errors.

A press release, on the other hand, is an official and important source of information about a company.

Social media can help in news promotion but cannot replace the detail of a release or well-placed phone call. Social media platforms are, and always will be, a place for procrastination for the masses – even journalists.

Twitter and other Social media can complement rather than replace traditional tools such as press releases. A short, engaging tweet can link to the press release on the media section of a website. 

The key is to try and reach out to journalists and your target audience through whatever ‘tool’ (be it Twitter or whatever) is most convenient for them and direct them to sources of additional info if needed.

No matter how digital the world goes, no one likes to know half-baked truth. That’s how gossip must have originated, right? Who would like to know only the headline? Wouldn’t you want to know the How’s, when’s, where and why of the news? 

Simple Secrets of Effective Press Release

There are, of course, ineffective press releases. The effectiveness of a press release depends on how engaging your material is. Journalists and media outlets need to meet the expectations of their audiences. They only pay attention to informative material that will attract their readers. 

The secret to an effective press release:

  • The material must be truly newsworthy. 
  • You should send the press release to the journalists in the right niche.

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Press-Release Writing Service:

The Press Release Writing Technique from PRNEWS.IO

At PRNEWS.IO, we prefer approaches that can be scaled rather than once. There are tons of templates for creating press releases. One of our favorites is the template for creating a press release based on company data. 

If your company generates lots of data, you can easily reformat it into press releases. One of the most common examples of such content is ratings that are interesting to your target audience. For example, the most popular products from your catalog for Christmas.

We at PRNEWS.IO regularly rank the most-read media in various categories. And such press releases bring results! 

Check out our press release in action:

Top 15 Ukrainian Business Websites 

Media coverage: Post 1, Post 2, Post 3

Effective PR consists of techniques that can easily be repeated and succeed again. Experts show their successful cases at PR conferences, but they forget to mention that the approach has been applied only once.

One effective press release is not a success. We here at PRNEWS.IO are sure that Successful PR is when your materials get the coverage they need.

Press release: Top 10 Ukrainian media about finances

Media coverage: Post 1, Post 2, Post 3

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