Post-Pandemic Digital Marketing Tips for Your Business

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Post-Pandemic Digital Marketing Tips for Your Business

Pandemic marketing. The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has adversely affected many businesses from all over the world.

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has adversely affected many businesses from all over the world. Some countries imposed cessations and lockdowns for several months to prevent the spread of the virus. This caused a decrease in certain goods and services that forced many enterprises to close their operations. But, some countries have started lifting restrictions and entrepreneurs are reviewing their marketing strategies.

It has become increasingly challenging to meet new customer needs (or you wouldn’t be reading this right now), and you must think about how you can do so with the limited resources you have available to you due to social distancing. Organizations, especially e-commerce, are being buried with online orders while trying to ensure the health of employees, they don’t run out of stock, and other worries we all have. It has never been more important than now to leverage technology, whether that be online orders, utilizing your CRM tool for customer retention, lead generation tools, or chat functions. Ensuring every customer’s needs are met and the experience is what is expected is what your goal should be with every individual customer you encounter.

The following are post-pandemic digital marketing tips that will help you increase your sales.

Create a Free High-Quality Content

It may be hard for such businesses to sell products during this time. That’s why they should focus on providing free (or at a very low price) educational, inspiring, high-quality content. Of course, these should be in line with each business’ knowledge and experience.

What I have in mind here is creating virtual products, something which will be easily available for your audience (clients) but at the same time will bring them value. Ebooks, podcasts, webinars, tutorials… There is so much you can offer them. Of course, in such virtual products, you can market your products, and it would be a really natural way of doing so.

It won’t bring you income at this time, but it will make users attached to your brand and will make them feel that you not only care about selling your products to them but also about their well-being. And that you are understanding and know what their current situation is. When the situation will be back to normal, there is a high chance that these clients will be coming back to you as well.

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Expand Your Market and/or Product Base

Imagine that you are a startup. You don’t have many, or even any, customers and you have to find someone who will buy what you have to sell.

Many small businesses are in a version of this right now. Their regular client base, who they may have had for years, is not there in the numbers that they have been. In a startup, you would look to pivot to something different that is based on the skills you have developed with what you are doing now.

For many small businesses, a variant of this is what is needed now. Your regular clients will likely return at some time in the future. Unfortunately, that could be a year or two away. In order to survive until then, look to the startup ideas and make some pivots. Some obvious ones are sit-down restaurants that have gone to takeout service. They are doing what they do, cooking food, and selling it through different channels. Most businesses, with a little thought, can think of different avenues to sell their products.

That may not be enough. So, just as a startup would do, look to expand your market and/or product base. There are a lot of ways to do this.

Keep in Touch with Existing Clients

I feel that keeping in touch with your customers is really important — whether they buy from you right now or not. Looking around, most companies have cut back, or even completely stopped, their marketing.

Big mistake…

As the saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.”

Your customers may not be buying from you right now, but that doesn’t mean that you should disappear from their radar.

Because eventually, the economy will bounce back. And people’s buying power will strengthen. And guess who will they be buying from then?

The companies who stayed top of mind, and who kept building the relationship.

Some people, justified or not, are really afraid right now. Afraid of going out in public, afraid of other people, really.
Is there any way to make them feel safer around you?

Aside from loading them up with sanitizer every time they come within close vicinity with your business, and wearing face masks that make one feel as if we live in a plague-contaminated zone…

Can they shop with you online, or over the phone? Can you deliver to them?

You know your business better than anyone. Figure out a way to keep going.

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Go Digital

Gone are the days when there were barriers to reaching out to people for marketing products and services. With the advent of technology and the development of new channels of communication, the older approach to pandemic marketing at a global level has undergone a paradigm change.

The recent innovation and use of digital technology have initiated global marketing strategies and practices and assured a global online presence for efficient users. Nowadays, the use of digital technology has made every marketing process easy, costless, and efficient by making digital tools widely available and affordable for many people.

With the ongoing pandemic, the base has been shifted to digital completely. The thriving companies are finding ways to become trusted resources for their key international audiences.

As the world continues to adapt to COVID-19’s global impacts, businesses have been turning their global marketing strategies to ensure that they’ll be in a better position to recover once the crisis is over.

Experienced marketers recommend learning new digital marketing skills frequently. Pick an area of interest that you would like to understand more about and join a research course or program. Use your insight and new skills to reduce your digital pandemic marketing budget.

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Keyword Review

Many investors haven’t checked or updated their keywords for several months. You can use tools such as Google Trends to find relevant and strong keywords that will improve your Google search ranking. Consumer behaviors have changed of late. So, it is necessary to review your keywords to increase traffic. Streamline them to increase your return on investment in Google marketing.

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Use Google Shopping Ads & Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

Use ads that contain your merchant name, price, and product image. Shopping ads are normally created using the information you provide in the Merchant Center data feed. They are displayed to web users who search for your products. Search results show Google Shopping Ads according to how search queries relate to webpage content, product descriptions, and names. Shopping Ads are promoting North American economic recovery by increasing sales and traffic for retailers.

Remarketing lists for search ads (RSLA) allow you to customize search ADS campaigns for return clients. You can tailor ads and bids to customers who visit partner sites. RSLA increases your bid for visitors.

More Pandemic Marketing Tips

Use Text Analytics for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Text analytics entails analyzing text data like Google Reviews and Instagram comments through coding or using sophisticated software programs. They help you understand the opinions and preferences of online users about specific products. Besides, you can use text analytics to determine topics that most customers discuss online.

Look at Your Competitors

Check some of the marketing strategies that your competitors are using. You can use BuiltWith or WhatRuns to see the tools and plugins your rivals use, to improve or replicate them on your website. Also, check the popularity of their websites with Similar Web.

Review Your Website

Update old content to keep readers engaged. Check the marketing message, keywords, and images to ensure that your website is displaying relevant information. Furthermore, you can adapt it to sell online.

The business market has significantly changed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. It has created new challenges and opportunities for retailers. The number of consumers who shop online has soared in the past few months. Businesses need to create efficient digital marketing strategies to increase their online presence and widen their clientele.

Conclusion: Pandemic Marketing

COVID-19 has impacted nearly every country and every person around the world. While the front liners help keep us safe, and healthy and look for a way to fight back, it is up to the rest of us to do what we can to flatten the curve and keep the rest of the world from collapsing. This is, by far, the biggest challenge this generation has seen and the impact it will have will affect us for years after.

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The following are post-pandemic digital marketing tips that will help you increase your sales.

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