Must Have Newsroom Features To Make Journalists Love It

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The main idea of setting up any website is to make the presented content accessible and well-structured for the visitors. The same thing with the online newsroom: you should take advantage of each useful feature to maximum improve its visual look and enhanced functionality. In other words, you need to make journalists love your pressroom.

Easy access, intuitive navigation, responsive layout, and attractive design can definitely help you to achieve this goal. Actually, an online press room is not only the place where you can publish your news but also an important aspect of your PR, sales, and marketing targets. So if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

Using the PRNEWS.IO platform gives you a great opportunity to set up your newsroom on the fly. Our service will simplify your work and save you time. All that you need is to do some light editing tweaks. So let’s check out the advantages you will get with

From the very beginning, you need to fill out a Company profile which includes all necessary information about your organization, such as business industry, site’s URL, company’s descriptions, and summary. It’s a great introduction for any pressroom which will give a quick review about your company for the visitors.

Using the design option allows personalizing your newsroom by adding your logo, background, and text color. It helps to reflect your company’s corporate style and make your newsroom visually memorable for the viewers.

Implemented flexible layout adapts your press room to different screen sizes delivering an optimized design for desktop, tablet, and smartphone. All pressroom templates are also fully responsive and mobile-friendly, so your releases and news will look great on any device.

If you want to introduce your pressroom in the most effective way and make it more visually attractive for other people, you’d better take care of media content that enables you to download images, photo galleries, videos, and infographics. Don’t underestimate the visual presentation of your pressroom as editors and writers really love photos and images.

Organizing the editing process, you may need to manage users and invite new people to collaborate on the newsroom as well as arrange them according to your needs. So Invite Users features is the right thing for you.

In order to make it easier for journalists and reporters to get the needed comments on any news release issue, the Spokespeople page should be filled in with spokespeople names, photos, and contacts. This page should include contacts of the most knowledgeable and trained employees in various fields of expertise.

On the press page, you can collect the most recently published press releases in one place. In this way, you can show other pressmen that your news was covered by the most reputable media agencies.

Using integrated social media feeds helps you to share the latest news on different social networks just in a few clicks. It’s really convenient to stay socially active and post your news without any additional manipulations.

As usual, giving your contact information with all emails, phone numbers, and mailing addresses is a must-have for any pressroom. With the ability to add an unlimited number of contacts and create different press lists, you will make your newsletter delivery process more convenient, fast, and targeted.

Moreover, if you have a big company or PR agency you can manage multiple pressrooms within one account. Here we enumerated the most important features which will assist you in building your effective newsroom in a few steps. You don’t need to have any special technical skills to install and run your pressroom. With you will have a great experience of editing and publishing your releases on the web. So get a headstart with and feel all advantages of using our service!

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