Media Exposure Expertise: Nataliia Storozhuk of PRNEWS.IO at PRIME Talks Forum

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Entrepreneurs, marketers and business enthusiasts are preparing for the upcoming PRIME Talks Marketing Forum, scheduled for May 11, 2024, at the Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia Tallinn. Among the lineup of esteemed speakers is Nataliia Storozhuk, Head of Customers Onboard at the leading global content marketing platform PRNEWS.IO.

Storozhuk will contribute to the panel discussion titled “The role of traditional media in modern Estonia. How to attract an audience and retain it,” where she will share practical strategies for effectively leveraging media coverage within the panel’s theme.

Joining Storozhuk on the panel are respected industry professionals including Sergey Metlev, editor-in-chief of RusPostimees; Marina Begunkova, reporter-editor of Delfi; and Liza Tokorvey, Telegram admin for “Говорит Зигмунд.” Together, they’ll explore the evolving landscape of traditional media and tactics for audience attraction and retention in the digital age.

In addition to speaking, Nataliia Storozhuk and the PRNEWS.IO team will showcase their on-demand service content marketplace as exhibitors, providing firsthand insights on digital PR communications and media coverage.

To encourage participation, PRNEWS.IO is offering a special 10% discount to all attendees using the promotional code “PRNEWS.IO” during registration.

For those interested in attending and gaining actionable strategies for their business, visit PRIME Talks for more information and registration details. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your business strategies and propel your brand forward at the PRIME Talks Marketing Forum.

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