Content Promotion Strategy in Details: It Doesn’t Need to Be Complicated

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PRNEWS.IO – is a platform that will help you distribute brand content. But it often happens that our clients make two critical mistakes:

  • Create low-quality content, thinking that a reliable resource will do all the job no matter What is inside
  • Do not distribute content after publishing

The thing is, when you publish an article, the content promotion begins. From that moment, you need to double efforts to help as many people as possible put their face to your story. What’s more important, don’t focus on the resource itself. It could be published on your blog or an external resource with thousands of readers.

The problem is, the organic traffic that comes from Google is delayed. It can take up to three months on average for a Google bot to find your content, rate it… That’s where the meat of the story is. Content promotion strategy is as important as a result. When you start promoting content, you send the first positive flag to Google – the behavioral factor. It sounds like, “Wow, the article gains attention after publication, then I’ll keep it shooting up to the top search results.”

That’s how you can get lifetime traffic with your story after publishing. But how to promote your story after publishing?

Let’s see where you can start.

How to Promote Content after Publishing

It shouldn’t be a secret that there are many ways to promote your story after publishing. Even better, the most successful content marketers use them. But it’s only up to you to decide which way to go. No one knows your story better than you, so you can choose an effective way to do that.

Want to know why most people fail with content promotion?

That’s obvious: their story is far from world-class. But if you have something truly amazing, go ahead and find a content promotion strategy that will help share it.

#1 Influencer/Blogger/Micro-Influencer Outreach

When promoting your story, hearing an expert source is smart. Got no clue where to go first? Now stop and think like a journalist. No matter the niche of your story, there’s always a professor/blogger/journalist ready to talk about their subject areas. You don’t need to contact all of them. There might be two or three persons to whom you send a non-pushy email. There’s nothing wrong if they don’t fit your subject. Ask for contacts who are right for it. 

?  How Micro-Influencers Help Brands Do Better Marketing

#2 To Link or to Share?

When promoting content, have a specific goal in mind: links OR shares. Getting the best of both worlds is super challenging. So, take an easy way out. If your story contains a lot of original data or strategies, bloggers are more likely to use it as a link. Otherwise, a story that is full of wisdom in one place will get more shares. Finally, list posts are not going anywhere anytime soon, meaning they get more social shares than any other content format.

?  Content Marketing Platform 

#3 Super Personalized Outreach Email 

Even here in 2021, email marketing still works wonders. People often forget how powerful sending a few emails can be. The only difference for this content promotion strategy to work, your email needs to be super personalized. Even at least one personalization data can improve the response rate up to 32%. You can also have some call-to-action, be it feedback, comments, or questions. Quick and personalized, that’s how your email should be. 

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#4 Social Sharing in Content Promotion Strategy

Again, once you have world-class content, it’s time to start a content promotion campaign. And social media offers one of the best ways to do it right. In addition to quality, make sure your story is shareable. That’s how you can attract scores of new visitors. 

When it comes to Twitter, consider the following. If losing in click numbers is not a big deal for you, opt for Twitter treads. They can get more impressions and engagement than traditional tweets. 

#5 Invite Quick Engagements by Asking Questions

When you promote media, make sure you use this content promotion strategy. A post that gets early engagement wins the attention of more people. If done right, content promotion is not biased. Instead, think of it as a conversation that engages people. To do that, help people get involved. Ask questions or invite to comment on your topic. Posting surveys on social media is another way to engage people.

#6 Guest Post + Bonuses

A guest post is always a good way to promote content and grow your blog. The trick is yet to get people from that guess post to your website. Mention that your guests can get something for free and see the results.

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#7 Tell Your Story on YouTube

Video is a hot content promotion strategy that won’t go anywhere for sure. That’s why it’s smart to take your story and turn it into a video. It will take time, yet there are millions of users looking for great videos. So, it’s in your interest to do it great. What’s more, you can create an audio podcast and add a transcription from the video there. Or you can create sliders for SlideShare, too. All in all, there are many ways to tell your story in another form for specific communities.

#8 Repurpose/ Reformat is Hot

The beauty of repurposing is letting you scale up your story without creating something new over time. Since people’s standards for content have changed a lot over the last few years, it’s not enough to shout out loud your story and call it a day. Instead, you can give them a new angle. Thus, grab ideas/concepts/examples from your original content and repost them in the new format. The best way to promote media is on platforms like Quora or LinkedIn. Why? They have their publishing tools for that.

The idea behind it is not to reuse the entire piece but adapt it to today’s audience’s expectations. Take one of your best tidbits from the already existing article, update numbers/data/sources, and grow from there into something new. Rinse and repeat for as many posts as you need to handle. It can take time, but the result is worth it.

#9 LinkedIn Syndication | Content Promotion Strategy

Think only, with over 756 million users, LinkedIn is not a platform with hype. The reason? Well, the platform is still untapped. To get some traction there, it’s enough to share the best stuff. The best thing is that it could be even old stuff but the one that stands out.  

#10 You gotta experiment | Content Promotion Strategy

That said, every little bit helps. One thing is sure, for you to succeed, you need to increase your promotion efforts. There are a lot of other great content promotion strategies that help people put their face to your story. And it’s up to you to try and see the results. No matter how hot the trend, your audience expectations are the key point in any promotion. 

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