Best Sales PR Tactics to Create Massive Awareness for Your Brand and Get Results

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At the top of the sales funnel, public relations can create awareness, excitement, and demand. If used in pair with social media, PR can help you achieve the same end goal quicker. You know that a good PR campaign is much more than advertising, but a way to put your brand on the map more effectively. And it brings up a good question, can PR play a more active role in sales? The answer is yes.

How to Boost Sales through Public Relations

PR meaning in sales is often underrated. Instead, it can better complement and drive sales. Go another way. Think about PR as a source of credible collateral that lets you go one step ahead from day one. High-quality content is crucial, yet paired with a good PR campaign, it enables you to create organic brand ambassadors: the public!

So, when you opt for sales PR, you use different ways to talk about the benefits of your products or services creatively. You can find many sales PR tactics used to boost awareness of your brand. Check out the following five ways PR can help your sales and align them with your sales efforts.

Sales PR Tactic #1: Draw Attention with Good Content

A good sales PR campaign doesn’t work the way earned media does. Unlike traditional advertising, it is not focused on self-promotion. But what it does is that it helps to grow your online presence and authority. If done right, it works to raise your profile as an expert and a thought leader by tying your brand to the news, trends, and developments in your field. It’s about creating content that speaks to the key benefits of your products or services. Also, it should include pitching your analysis, opinions, and insights to make your stories sound trustworthy.

If you want to see a boost in sales, helpful, keyword-enriched content can help. It needs to drive into your topics What’s, Why’s, and How’s. As long as you follow that approach, your content will draw attention to potential customers and journalists or editors. And one day, it can even result in a guest article on the same topic.

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Sales PR Tactic #2: Increase Quality Traffic

If ‘earned’ and ‘owned’ media are a match made in heaven, ‘paid’ media can do more. Therefore, it can reinforce that approach driving more attention to content. Your website is an online abode for your brand, so it needs to be visible on every tool you use to promote your business. Whether eCommerce or landing page, it needs to work as a lead-generating tool. Issuing a press release or sharing a story? Populate your website. 

The goal is to provide customers with a reason to try your product. So, what can help? A story. It is something many huge businesses have and truly what makes them stand out. Stories resonate with the public. And you can see how sales PR works when you tell stories. As a result, it helps in recollecting. A high-level story in the press is valuable in getting the attention of the customer. Whether press coverage, editorials, speaking opportunities, or anything in between, it needs to drive traffic to your website.

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Sales PR Tactic #3: Create an Immediate Need for Your Products or Services

Beyond that, a good PR campaign needs to have a continued blend of art and science. To unlock your sales opportunities, it’s crucial to achieve the perfect balance in crafting storytelling to create an immediate need for your products or services. Where to start? It should begin with your client’s biggest pain points.

The focus is on product features or service capabilities. It’s about the critical challenges you solve for your customers. Think outside the box. A good way to do that is to try to entice your audience to think you’re offering a new, superior way of doing things. 

A good example of generating media relations on products is to create a perfect sales pitch. Your product might be the key to succeeding in the new world, but your pitch should never start with it. Instead, it’s about product features or service capabilities that are too great for the prospect to ignore.

It would be great to create a sense of urgency by outlining what will happen if people do not take action. Start with research. If you plan to launch a brand-new product, check the editorial calendars of media outlets you want to team up with. Take advantage if your product or service meets the requirements.   

Sales PR Tactic #4: Follow-up Proactively but Respectfully

Sending an email pitch doesn’t guarantee it get noticed. You know that media contacts are busy working on deadlines, so your email has a nice chance of getting lost. So, it’s okay to send a follow-up email to try to get noticed. Thus, you show up you’re proactive and get ready to provide value for them. 

How can you help? Well, it’s an open secret that journalists believe in a resource. So, offer them to be a resource. It would be great to connect them with other industry thought leaders, influencers, or the like. So, once you can make their job easier, it can help you build trust and relationships. Also, it’s smart to showcase what makes your story different from the crowd. And that’s where ‘what’s in it’ for the reporter and their audience comes into play. And case studies or testimonials can help. Anyway, the possibilities are endless.

And when you think you’ve done all the media contacts, PRNEWS.IO can come to the rescue. It’s an all-in-one service you can use to create and share your story within 200 countries and in 68 languages on your terms. With just a few clicks, spread the word out about your thing to create brand awareness and boost sales. This way, you’ll be able to pitch to them directly rather than competing with the masses. And that’s a big advantage.

Sales PR Tactic #5: Action after Sales

Effective sales PR campaigns can feel like snowballs; the journey with them doesn’t end here. Your job is to maintain customer relations while pushing for another sale. So, pick up steam as they help positive press lead to more positive press. Your brand is not what you think it is. Instead, it’s what your customers think and what they tell each other. 

Both sales and PR campaigns are essential to your company’s success. Yet, there’s a difference. Think of PR as a sales tool that helps you communicate a better way of doing things. And sales are the result of that effective PR campaign. If your PR program is not aligning with your sales efforts, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your sales PR concept.

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Sales PR FAQ 

What does a PR company do to increase sales?

Every company depends upon its reputation. And a PR company can offer a way to achieve that goal. Whatever media it uses, the goal is to get your business out there in as positive light as possible. Next, a PR company helps connect a brand to the public through storytelling. That mix of tools can help build a credible brand.

What are some examples of sales PR?

Getting people vaccinated is among the best sales PR examples to consider today. Try to find another one that has made the whole world face the biggest challenge. Anyway, with all the pros and cons considered, getting over 70 percent of the population vaccinated is a lot, right? 

What is a PR in sales?

It’s safe to say that PR plays a crucial part in the marketing process of any company. Today, in 2022, sales PR is the art of building a positive image for a company that supports its goals. A goal, in turn, could be an increase in sales or winning new clients. And a good PR campaign can help achieve those both directly or indirectly. 

How PR boosts sales statistics?

A successful PR strategy will indirectly affect your sales success through brand awareness, recall, and credibility. The total share of PR services spending for sales promotion reached 244.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. PR firms reported that revenue came from the following top three services for the first eight months of 2021:

  • Social/PR/ Content Creation;
  • Creative Services;
  • Digital

For 2022, 95% of respondents predict the net revenue for their firm will increase, and 5% expect a decrease.

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