10+ Best Healthcare Startups: Inspiration and Brave Findings Nearby

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Healthcare startups. High-speed internet and the iPhone have changed our world forever. Vaccines, modern devices, and new treatments for scary and once thought incurable diseases have changed our perception and medical care as a whole. In recent years, the healthcare field has become increasingly attractive for financial investment. And that’s not surprising, as medical startups are firmly in the niche of projects that hold promise for business and offer an opportunity to benefit society.

Today we have prepared for you the best healthcare startups that will inspire you to reach new heights, and in turn, we will help you announce your unique project to the world!⬇

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Everyone who has an idea is already an entrepreneur themselves. Have you ever thought about creating something unique and your own? It is probably everyone’s dream to go down in history and do something useful for humanity. Someone stands up, makes a mistake, does it again, and achieves incredible results. And some are afraid and just watch from the sidelines while others reach unimagined heights. Why just watch and wait? We think it’s better to start now. And if you have come to this page, it means you have the desire, and that’s the most important part.

Developing a successful business idea is a difficult task for a budding entrepreneur, especially when it seems that all worthwhile initiatives have already been implemented and there is no chance to start a new business. It is clear that in the beginning, you have to face a lot of disappointments and disapprovals because it is hard to be a pioneer. But the most important thing is to strive towards your goal because the long and difficult process can lead to unique discoveries that can fundamentally change the lives of humanity.

Best Healthcare Startups 2022


LivNao is an innovative health startup focused on helping people with mental health issues. This Canadian company quickly gained momentum and grew from a mental health survey and prevention tool for employees to a powerful campaign that monitors people’s health and even tracks Covid contacts (which is very relevant these days). Their main goal is passive treatment without gross manipulation. Moreover, the team has developed monitoring that helps detect people’s problems at an early stage before they affect their work and quality of life. This startup is considered revolutionary not only in the field of medicine but also in sociology.

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Sestina Bio 

This young startup works in the field of synthetic biology. Their main idea is an automated and sustainable platform that will help clothe, cure, and feed the world’s population. The idea of synthetic biology itself has evolved around genetic engineering. Using molecular tools, the company is trying to modify the genome of almost any organism. Synthetic biology itself takes an engineering approach to shaping living organisms, from ferments to germs. Sestina Bio’s work also focuses on developing pharmaceuticals that can dramatically change lives. The essence of their research is genome editing, which in turn contributes to reaching a new level of engineering biology.


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The healthcare startup has been helping automate hospital revenue for the past few years. The basis of the work is artificial intelligence. The program is installed over the software, studies all the work processes and brings them to automation. It is very important to generate quick and clear work as well as control it. AKASA helps to manage the income cycles and offers quite a flexible solution. You should not think that the process is fully automated because all the workflows are still supported by expert knowledge.

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CorVent Medical 

CorVent Medical is a progressive company from New York that develops a ventilation system. Today, it is the leading startup that helps people treat сoronavirus. Its goal is to create a reliable and intuitive device. Its CPRs help to improve the condition of critically ill patients. The system provides non-invasive and invasive support. Moreover, the process itself does not require traditional, expensive services. To date, their smart, comprehensive, life-saving ventilators have been successfully used for critically ill Covid-19 patients.



Kindbody is an innovative healthcare startup working in the field of family planning. Clinics equipped with advanced equipment help in the treatment of infertility and gynecological problems. The main advantage of this company is the professional services at an affordable price. It can be said that Kindbody is engaged in building healthy families because their sphere covers both preparations for pregnancy and taking care of women’s health as well as the process of pregnancy itself. Monitoring services of the clinic operate on a mobile type. These are equipped trailers where women can have free tests. Based on their results, doctors recommend whether or not to visit the hospital’s main center. 

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Hyfe is a breakthrough in the medical field. This app is supported on any modern smartphone and helps to recognize coughs and in some cases even detect illness. It is based on a powerful artificial intelligence classifier. At this stage, all the work is focused on improving the app so that it can identify all the various types of coughs. This, in turn, will make it a highly effective diagnostic device. Currently, Hyfe healthcare startup is being actively used in identifying the symptoms of Covid-19 patients. 

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Abacus Insights | Healthcare Startups

Abacus Insights is a modern healthcare startup that aims to produce analytical data. They have proposed to fundamentally change how data is stored and structured and thus improve the quality of healthcare organizations. The digitization and the aggregation of data into huge volumes will lead to these results. The Boston-based startup has established itself primarily as an information management platform that offers customer service and support. Abacus Insights facilitates the work of health authorities by taking over the responsibility of quality data collection and storage. The startup provides a flexible, high-performance, and secure platform that organizes and exchanges data from a variety of sources and formats, allowing healthcare companies to disclose differentiated information.

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Novoic | Healthcare Startups

Novoic is a biotech company working with artificial intelligence for speech analysis purposes. This startup has fundamentally changed the way neurological diseases are detected. Their goal is to develop medical algorithms for speech analysis. It helps in the early diagnosis of diseases and starting their treatment. The company is also actively working on monitoring and rapid detection of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disorders. The special attention to these diseases is for a reason, as the founders of the startup had the first-hand experience with them and decided to create a system that will help those who have encountered this illness to start treatment faster. 


Longboard Pharmaceuticals | Healthcare Startups

Here is another progressive startup that is currently enjoying popularity and for which investors are actively investing money. This biopharmaceutical company is developing drugs for new treatments for neurological diseases, especially for rare ones. Longboard Pharmaceuticals focuses on advancing investigational therapies and serves clients worldwide. According to the company’s representative, they stand a good chance of creating drugs that will not only help in treating diseases but also completely cure seriously ill people.

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AllStripes Research | Healthcare Startups

AllStripes Research is a company dedicated to working with disease treatments. Their initial goal is to study and discover ways to cure rare medical conditions. The main characteristic of the startup is the research of disease in the comfort of people’s homes. They provide patients with medical records and exclusive research at home free of charge. AllStripes Research improves people’s lives by speeding up treatments using cutting-edge technology. The founders of the startup were inspired by the, unfortunately, sad statistic that shows one in ten people have a rare disease. Together with the latest developments, they want to collect data on patients’ diseases, process them, and find the best options and treatments for rare illnesses.

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Inspira Technologies | Healthcare Startups

Inspira Technologies is an innovative healthcare startup that focuses on the treatment of acute respiratory diseases. It was created in 2018 and is already active in the treatment of coronavirus infection. The main goal of the company is to provide therapies for respiratory diseases. The key features are the affordability and simplicity of this treatment, which meets the needs of millions of people around the world. The company is developing a breakthrough technology for expanded breathing that boosts and stabilizes patients’ oxygen levels within one minute.

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Healthcare Startups Conclusions

These startups are just some of the great ideas that people are daring to implement. If you too have a great thought-provoking idea that will help healthcare save lives and automate difficult processes, do not be afraid to offer your great projects. The PRNEWS.IO service will help you out and let the masses know about your incredible ideas.

So, do not be afraid to create projects that will change the world and speak loudly about your creativity and usefulness!

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