10+ Best Blockchain Startups: Innovative Ideas That Changed the Business Mindset

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Blockchain Startups. The digital and financial market does not keep pace. Everything is changing too fast, and sometimes all these processes cannot be controlled. Daily, more prospective developers present us with innovative discoveries that fundamentally change the attitude to certain industries and their further progress. 

Today we offer you to dive into the world of blockchain startups. It is the newest technology, the interest which grew together with the popularity of cryptocurrencies. Nowadays it is widely discussed not only in the world of finance. Blockchain is already being used to store and process data in various fields. This technology allows people who do not know each other to trust and share a record of events. It is impossible to covertly falsify data within this system, which is why it is recognized as corruption-resistant. And if you are interested in this topic, then here are some exciting blockchain startups that will change your mind.

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10+ Inspiring Blockchain Startups 


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Coinfirm works with the secure blockchain economy in various business sectors. The startup has already established itself in major countries around the world. Their innovative solutions are used by companies worldwide. These are primarily large cryptocurrency exchanges, financial institutions, and government agencies. The main goal of the company is the fight against money laundering. Besides that, the startup actively fights human trafficking and works to protect the digital economy.

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Here is a blockchain startup that aims to provide evidence of the validity of the data used. It is relevant in today’s world because the Internet is overflowing with information, the authenticity of which is hard to believe. OriginStamp allows you to verify the creation time and originality of the documents you upload to the platform. The system puts a timestamp and as a result, no document can be falsified in the future.

TQ Tezos

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Blockchain capabilities are big enough now and it proves the company TQ Tezos. Their main goal is to implement blockchain technology in different business environments. The company is working on the creation of various products and software development to promote new technologies.


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Chainalysis is a New York-based blockchain startup working with the promotion and adoption processes of blockchain technology. Their goal is to prove the need for the system and help financial and government institutions. The company works based on software that finds and blocks hacked funds. At this stage, the startup is highly popular and has already helped in solving high-profile cases related to cyber-attacks. Chainalysis also works in the field of cryptocurrency and fights against illegal activities.


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This Estonian blockchain startup offers its clients enormous opportunities in different spheres. Its main goal is to provide secure and most importantly efficient nodes on Proof-of-Stake protocols. For this purpose, they use leading Tier colocation providers. The company presents itself as a friendly and responsible team working in different areas of business development. These are primarily cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, finance, and government agencies. The combination of different approaches and modern technologies allows Stakin to provide unique and reliable services to its customers.



Instadapp is an innovative change in the ability to manage multiple financial protocols. In other words, it is a wallet for DeFi. It allows users to manage multiple DeFi applications. The company’s platform actively works with cryptocurrencies. It also enables clients to control blockchain-based assets with the help of modern technology. Moreover, customers are also able to analyze their current financial situation.


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Before you are a modern blockchain startup CiveQ, which aims to completely change the approach to investing. They are offering new ways to invest net energy assets by bringing out a new type of investing. This way asset investing will be available to everyone. It also uses blockchain to digitize the asset. The platform provides connectivity and a visual display of economic growth.


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KoineArth is a Bengaluru-based blockchain startup that works on supply chains. Their organization is driven by blockchain. It is a real breakthrough for online businesses. The platform allows customers to keep track of inventory and financial reports. The company is also actively developing products and linking up with financial institutions that later work with them through a blockchain scheme.

Gemini Blockchain Startups

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Here is a New York-based company that actively deals with assets allowing them to exchange, store, buy and sell digital items. They use blockchain mainly for the security of their clients. So, investors worldwide can trade any currency with peace of mind knowing that their assets are safeguarded by the team’s security software.

Elrond Blockchain Startups


Elrond is a Malta-based startup that is actively involved in blockchain infrastructure. The company provides customers with access to the digital economy. It achieves this goal by improving blockchain. The startup also aims to provide customers with security and business scalability. The technology created is targeted at launching smart contracts. Besides, developers can create decentralized applications with the help of the generated blockchain network. It is predicted that Elrond can become a gateway to the digital economy. 

Solve.Care | blockchain startups

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Here is a revolutionary healthcare startup that is powered by blockchain technology. Solve.Care is developing global healthcare solutions that could change the way healthcare works. The company has created a platform that helps people with payments, care, and privileges. The team is positioning itself as an innovative startup that can help healthcare by incorporating the IT-sphere. Solve.Care was awarded a blockchain project in 2019, and the company says it won’t stop there.

PR Ideas for Blockchain Startups from Experts in the Field

Yuqian, Public Relations Associate at CoinGecko

CoinGecko is the world’s largest independent crypto data aggregator and has been trusted by millions of crypto investors since 2014. With the mission of empowering the crypto community with an in-depth, 360-degree market overview, CoinGecko provides comprehensive information from thousands of data points, including price, trading volume, market capitalization, developer strength, community statistics, and more. The platform currently tracks over 13,000 crypto assets from over 500 exchanges worldwide.

Beyond market data, CoinGecko regularly publishes analysis and research studies that explore interesting insights or highlight the latest trends, as well as in-depth quarterly cryptocurrency reports summarizing market movements and events. Through its social media accounts, CoinGecko shares bite-sized educational content and breaks down major news, to keep followers informed and to help them understand the latest developments.

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As you see, the huge world of technology is not standing still and offers customers a huge number of new approaches to doing business and managing their own affairs. If you also have great ideas that can fundamentally change the existing systems, then we suggest you get inspired by the best blockchain startups and promote your incredible vision. And the PRNEWS.IO team is ready to help you in this process. If you apply to us you can be sure that everyone will know about your project, and maybe very soon the selection of these startups will be enriched with new unpredictable solutions from you!

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