The Quick Guide “How To Start To Use AI Marketing Tools”

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We live in a world of new inventions, constant development, and increased possibilities. Due to modern work requirements, sometimes we are forced to perform more than one job, and even master another field, with which our competencies may have nothing in common. That means you have to be such a flexible person to handle all the tasks that you do not have a deep connection with. The field of marketing is no exception, as marketers are always mixing their specialties in many new tasks in completely new areas, outdoing themselves each time. Marketers can do anything, but another question is: “How long does it take without outside help?”

 So, can we confirm that marketers are super-humans? Yes, we can, but no one can handle everything alone. A smart person is someone who knows how to delegate tasks and make their work more efficient. Besides, nowadays in the marketing field, there are such “helpers”, which are called AI Marketing Tools. 

What are AI Marketing Tools?

AI Marketing Tools work at the same principle as ChatGPT, but it is about marketing, better-performing marketing tasks, and conveniently organizing your workflows. 

These tools also have a different dashboard and various functional tools, which depend on your requirements. 

The machine with artificial intelligence works in automatic mode and can perform all tasks in a very short time. It can help you with any queries and always expand the spectrum of competence. With the help of artificial intelligence, you can better analyze the mood of the audience, its goals, and requirements, along with learning more about your competitors.

No matter how big or small your task is, we gathered The best 8 AI Marketing Tools in our Quick Guide, categorized by needs, and are ready to recommend to you how to change your work routine!

The best 8 AI Marketing Tools


Firstly, you need to meticulously organize your workspace by using the best tasks automizer Zapier! You know when your To-Do list is organized, you can do your work step-by-step and much more productively. 

Best Features

  • can help you automize everything
  • transferring data properties between different platforms
  • give you the possibility to concentrate more on creative tasks
  • not necessary to know the codes


  • Basic Subscription is free, but just for Two-step Zaps (eg. email leading)
  • Starter Subscription starting from 19,99$ (billed annually)
  • Professional Subscription starting from 49$ (billed annually)

So, you have the opportunity to try this incredible automatizer for free to see how much it can help you organize your workspace.


    Secondly, the key to success is original texts. Only by using them, can you attract the attention of the reader. Let’s say you don’t have any unique ideas. In that case, you can ask a little bit from Writer, the smartest AI copywriting tool that, according to their philosophy, is a writer’s best friend.

    Best Features

    • Grammar Check Option
    • Multimodal Input (supports web, audio, video, PDFs)
    • Provides recommendations on how to improve your text
    • Suitable for coworking 
    • Includes AI Detector Tool


    • Team Subscription: $18 per month up to 5 users
    • AI Detector Tools is free
    • You can also request a Demo Version

    Writer can help you create the most authentic text and works quietly in the background of your workspace. We recommend this as an AI Marketing Tool, because its interface is the easiest to use, and it can also check your text and show whether it is created by artificial intelligence or not.

      Speaking of AI writing, we can’t miss the point of Google’s anti-AI algorithms, which can lead to a shadow ban on your website due to heavy use of AI. To prevent this unpleasant situation, you need to either write the texts yourself or use the Humanizer option to save your work time!

      Best Features

      • Supported Multiple Language
      • Provides an AI detector tool and a great solution in the form of a Humanizer, which can rewrite your text to look more human-made
      • You can choose what readability level, what purpose tone your text should be humanized, and the strength of humanization in three categories, depending on your preferences


      • Monthly Subscription $14,99
      • Yearly Subscription $5 per month 

      Although Humanizer is limited to 250 words after registration, this tool provides incredible and fast text rewriting. That is, if you are responsible for creating articles, but you do not have enough time to do it neatly, you should consider this AI marketing tool!


        After you have written your text, you should of course check your grammar correctly and how well your words fit, because even the smallest mistake can be devastating for the whole text. Grammarly not only provides a grammar checker, but also analyzes spelling and usage, words, style, punctuation, tone, and has a plagiarism detector. For marketers, this is one of the best solutions as it contains all the features in one and assists you in the process of writing.

        Best Features

        • Сomprehensive approach to checking grammar
        • Supports validation in major desktop applications and websites (Word, Outlook, Gmail, Discord, Confluence, etc.)
        • The free version provides many basic grammar corrections
        • Includes Plagiarism Checker
        • Using their Chrome extension can help you throughout the writing process
        • Distinguish the difference between 5 English dialects


        • A free Subscription lets you write without mistakes
        • Premium Subscription €12 per month (annually) and €30 monthly
        • Business Subscription $15 per month (annually) and 25$ monthly 

        However, the price seems quite high, but in the case of the business subscription, there are some team features. Grammarly can replace your 2-3 hours of self-checking grammar and help you write more authentically. There are also bad reviews that criticize Grammarly for its very primitive operation, but they also emphasize the importance of human verification. So remember that using Grammarly as an AI Marketing Tool is not a panacea.

        Surfer SEO 

          Once your text is ready, you can consider analyzing how useful your content is, what your chances are of getting customers interested in your article, and what keywords you can rely on. Surfer SEO is a great solution for all your problems in one place. As an AI marketing tool, Surfer SEO according to your niche and audience, provides you with in-depth analysis and keywords, helps with article structure, and works with you in real-time.

          Best Features

          • Supports any language
          • Plagiarism Checker included
          • Integrates with Google Docs, WordPress, Jasper, etc.
          • It can be used as a free online tool
          • Provides a chance of a 7-day Free Trial for the start
          • Major functions: Keyword Research,  Surfer AI, Content Editor, Audit, Keyword surfer extension, and AI outline generator


          • Essential Subscription: $89 per month for up to 30 articles and invite 2 team members
          • Scale Subscription: $129 per month for up to 100 articles and invite 5 team members
          • Scale AI Subscription: $219 per month up to 100 articles and 10 AI articles invite 5 team members
          • If your plan doesn’t include the add-ons and AI you need, you can purchase them at any time ($19 or less each)

          Surfer SEO impresses with its innovation as never before! It can also be useful because of its prominent headline feature, so every marketer should try it as an article-creating consultant.


          When twenty years ago people were forced to use only phones for booking an appointment, ordering something from the telestore, and contacting after-sales support, nowadays people are obsessed with messages. Not so long ago there was a place for emails, but now everyone communicates with chatbots. Chatbots are on every business website, so marketers should also be involved in adding them to the website and other applications. In this case, Chatfuel will come to your aid as one of the AI Marketing Tools!

          Best Features

          • Allows you to create and modify a unique chatbot personality that reflects your business
          • Recognizes even illiterate messages and selects an answer based on keywords
          • Supports major Meta platforms (WhatsApp. Facebook, Instagram) and websites
          • Integrates with Google Sheets, ChatGPT, Zapier, Stripe, and JSON API
          • Automated in comments autoreply, story replies, story mentions, etc.
          • Can completely replace a person


          • Facebook&Instargram Business subscription $14,39 per month for 500 conversations (extra conversations + $0.03/each)
          • WhatsApp Business Subscription $29,49 per month for 1000 conversations (extra conversations + $0.02/each)

          Summarizing all about Chatfuel, it can be confirmed that Chatbots are more efficient and convenient than humans. Owing to the continuous operation of chatbots, they can respond 24 hours a day and cannot miss a single message from a customer. Undoubtedly, it can completely replace a person and help to do the job much better. We also cannot overlook the fact that the machines must always be under control and there must be contact with a real manager to handle important situations where the chatbot has no competence. 


          The next step in a marketer’s work is to find influencers. We all know that we live in the world of influencers, whose opinion is meaningful among people, so they can help enterprises to promote their products. Influencity is a platform for influencers looking, where you can find an influencer and collaborate with.

          Best Features 

          • Captures more than 200 million profiles worldwide
          • Includes recruiting and e-commerce function
          • 7-day free trial before you buy
          • Support team available in English and Spanish
          • Assures you detailed metrics per influencer
          • Has the largest number of functions provided


          • Basic Subscription $168 per month up to 4 users
          • Professional Subscription $348 per month up to 10 users
          • Business Subscription $698 per month and unlimited users 

          This AI marketing tool will not only save you time searching for influencers, but it will also help you collaborate with other brands. In addition, it covers all social media platforms, which will help you promote your product everywhere.

          LinkedIn Sales Navigator

          If you work in B2B companies, LinkedIn added 3 new AI functions that can assist sales managers. Their main purpose is to help you connect with the right people,  get along with them, and conclude a future partnership on LinkedIn. 

          Best Feature 

          • Provide a comprehensive analysis of your company and identify the best potential customers for you
          • Personalized recommendations 
          • Share with you detailed information about other firms to help you build relationships
          • One-month Free Trial for the start
          • Relationship Map


          • Career Subscription $20 per month for 5 InMails 
          • Business Subscription $33 per month for 15 InMails
          • Sales Navigator Core Subscription $57 per month for 50 InMails 
          • Recruiter Lite $120 per month for 30 InMails

          * Billed annually

          LinkedIn as an AI marketing tool can save you time from prospecting and introspection. Their researched information is updated weekly, so you can have plenty of time to connect with previous clients and find new ones.

          Benefits of using AI Marketing Tools

          Since during busy work, which can sometimes combine several different specializations at the same time, marketers do not have time for creativity and inventing new interesting ideas. Using AI marketing tools can fix this and give marketers a breath of fresh air. Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence can completely replace human work, leaving energy for more productive work. They will not only assist you in effective work and complete tasks faster but also find new customers, replace the chat manager, and open new partnerships, expanding the influence of your company.

          So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best ones for you and open the way to new opportunities by using AI Marketing Tools right now!

          Is your business in need of a PR makeover?

          • Benefit from media coverage assistance.
          • Witness a refined branding approach.
          • Watch as your recognition soars.

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