Blog How to Choose PR Topic. Part 1 specialists have proposed several PR strategies for companies that do not know what to write about when nothing happens around the company.

Article will help you to learn more about Newsjacking along with the importance of a personal example.

One of the best ways to talk about the company is to conduct a virtual tour. Show your readers how you spend your typical day.

If possible, associate important events with company activities. If something significant has happened in the world, try turning it into an press event. You shouldn’t use negative scenarios because such news can ruin your company's reputation.

Business cases have not lost their relevance. Tell your readers how you achieved success and what helped you in this. Readers appreciate such stories because they are interesting and are based on real facts.

Readers trust stories about real people would it be opinion leaders or even ordinary users. The audience listens to them, their posts are read by hundreds of thousands of subscribers and their point of view is important for many professionals.

Conduct research, even if not related to the activities of your company.

Read more in the Russian version of the article.


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