5 inforeasons for seasonal products

The summer has come — a dead season for journalists and manufacturers of fur coats. Let's talk about how to promote seasonal goods on the Internet, when sales are at zero

Time of holidays traditionally slows down business activity. When overboard is +30, potential customers least want to stick on the Internet or even go shopping: there is only a desire to lie on the beach with a drink in hand.

Sellers of gifts and flowers during this period of sales still somehow manage it, since although the main holidays have ended, nobody have canceled exams, graduation and birthdays yet. However, many other seasonal products during the holiday period are of no interest to anyone. While winter boots, fur coats and New Year costumes are covered with dust, customers buy swimsuits, slippers and masks for diving.

It is unfair, but in winter this trend does not affect the producers of goods for summer holidays. Thanks to globalization and the reduction in the cost of tours to hot countries, the sales volumes of such goods, albeit declining compared to the summer period, are nevertheless not reduced to zero.

Dead season — a time of useful texts

If there was a click-through with a negative sign, it probably would have articles explaining in June how and with what to wear a fur coat. Alas, if your products are not relevant at the moment, such texts are a senseless and ruthless waste of the marketing budget.

If you even feel a little sorry for these money, use informational messages useful to the reader. More benefit in the title and text - more chance of reading and effective result from the publication.

So, what is it worth to tell if the season is over and sales are stubbornly tending to reach zero?

Trends and novelties

Podiums show trends long before the start of the season. Collections for the next year are always presented in advance. A period of calm in sales is the time to develop and present new products and models.

Tell them what will be in vogue or will be on sale next season, explain why the new products are better than the previous ones, what are their advantages. In the end, make changes to the previous model and tell us what problems and shortcomings have been fixed in the new version.


If you are talking about expensive things that are used for several years, tell us about the proper storage of products after the end of the season.

For example, in summer, information on how to store coats and hats, winter sweaters and boots, warm blankets and blankets is always relevant to avoid accidental damage.

Repair or replacement

The period when the product is not used is the best time to repair. You can tell what to look for when repairing, which parts are worn out first and how or where they can be replaced. Do not forget to explain how to determine the moment when the thing is finally obsolete, physically or morally, and objectively needs to be replaced.

You can also offer solutions for updating the model: let's say, how to quickly modify the style of clothes at home, without resorting to services atelier.

Preparing to a new season

If the storage period comes to an end, it's time to prepare the product for use. It's time to talk about the related products - the ones that help refresh and fix the main product.

Take care of the customer, even if he does not soon come for a new purchase. He will appreciate it and at least recommend your products to friends.

Discounts and other benefits of off-season purchases

A significant discount can increase the interest of the client to non-seasonal purchases. Perhaps, discounts of 25-50% - not the most profitable solution for the company. But it's better to go to zero than to minus. Having arranged a sale, you will also free up space in the warehouse for the purchase of new collections.

With the amendment to the features of goods or services, you can use many other information sources, provided that they are useful to the reader, by which we mean a potential client.

Dead season — time for PR

Offseason is a period when it is worth working on recognizing the brand. Tell us about the history of your company, about the oldest and most popular products, about business life hacks and a friendly team. Do a survey that demonstrates your status as experts in the market. Tie the information guide to the relevant news.

Conduct a non-standard action, participating with all the team in a city event or volunteer movement. Act as a sponsor, organize a charity event - and tell us about it. You will be remembered.

How to use non-commercial ways of promotion — read the blog

And in the end, any positive information background around your company will sooner or later positively affect sales.

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