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Reap the Benefits with 6 Useful Tips for Writing SEO-Optimized Press Releases

Before you start sending out your press release, you need to also think about its SEO optimization.

It’s rather important aspect of any press release distribution as in today’s digital world every single piece of content is striving to be noticed and to get good search rankings in order to bring more benefits for the business.

With press release you can not only share your news or upcoming event details with, but also increase your online visibility, bring more traffic to your website and boost your company’s name recognition. So you definitely need to use this opportunity to meet more benefits for your company with SEO-friendly content. But before getting into action, let’s highlight the main tips for writing a press release with SEO in mind:

1. Think about your audience
Concentrate your attention on the targeted audience — people who are potentially interested in your business and for whom your information will be useful. Have in mind that your attempt to reach multiple audiences more likely to fail. People seek for a specific information, same as the search engines.

2. Write your copy for people primarily
Try to write your news story in plain language, so your readers will not be confused by tricky words and won’t get stuck into complex phrases. Avoid waffle, slogans and industry jargon, make your release newsworthy, informative as well as relevant and easy-to-understand.

3. Identify keywords
Using the right keywords will guarantee the proper indexing of your press release in search engines. Think about the title (headline) as it is the most essential component of your publication. The lead and body text should also include some relevant keywords which positively influence SEO optimization. But don’t go overboard with keywords, 2-3 keyword phrases will be enough for the recommended length of 2000 symbols.

4. Provide your website’s url
Be sure to place a link which refers back to your website. Try to integrate it in the middle of a text body (within first two paragraphs), so it will not look like inappropriate element of your press release. Write anchor text attentively as for search engines it’s of great value as well.

5. Bring multimedia into use
Remember that any additional multimedia stuff (images, video, audio) will not only catch and hold readers’ attention, but also increase your release visibility on the web. Your company logo, related image, video presentation or audio message are always welcome.

6. Share your content in social networks
Another effective way to optimize your press release is spreading it across social media websites. It will not only help you build a strong web presence for your company, but also hit top rankings on the search engine results page.

Keep these tips in mind to optimize your press release in the right way, while enhancing visibility and meet good results from your news publishing.

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