6 tips for effective campaigns to attract leads told how to improve the effectiveness of campaigns to attract leads.

One of the main tasks that marketing solves is the generation of "heated" leads. They have the greatest potential for increasing sales, because they are ready to make a purchase.

However, this is not enough. It is important to develop strategies to attract buyers, which will be based on loyalty and trust in the brand.

Such campaigns in the foreseeable future can be a decisive factor in the return on investment.

Marketers, who pay close attention to attracting leads and forming a reputation for the company, are achieving a significant increase in sales with a parallel reduction in marketing costs. provided recommendations for conducting effective campaigns to attract leads. The full version of the article is

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Introduction to the site indicators is a reasonable way to ascertain the effectiveness of future publication. provides all the necessary information about the sites including data on geography, traffic sources and seo-metrics.


Media professionals knows better than anyone else that time is money, and it sometimes could be a very large sum. There is nothing more important in this industry than a lightning-fast reaction to a variety of events, be it the release of a new product or hot news, so people who have found their calling in this are constantly looking for ways to optimize their work and bring to the absolute the speed of their actions.


Let's talk a bit about the obvious things. One of them is why even the great text needs pictures.