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How to Frame Out Your Press Release: Basic Template with Key Components

In this article we are going to introduce you the standard format of a press release and draw up the basic template of its composing.

Besides a newsworthy topic and well-written content, it’s also very important to think over the way of structuring and presenting the information. The main goal of any press release is to be noticed, to go through an editor, to be published and reach the audience afterwards. Coming from this, it’s necessary to make sure that you have a professional and accurate press release to be proud of.

Have in mind that it’s better to keep your press release short and informative, without any obvious screaming promotions and advertisements. Remember that a successful press release has a strong impact on your company’s growth and can become some sort of weapon for increasing sales, but still it is not a direct sales tool, it’s a publishing material. In a press release avoid waffle, slogans and emotional statements as well as hype-bloated phrases. Write a clear copy which will be interesting and useful for your audience. We are focusing on this aspect as it’s really essential to concentrate your attention on the qualitative content rather than “just to have a publication”.

Below we placed a general template with the main components which helps you to better understand the basic structure of any proper press release:

The title should be brief (up to 10 words) and answer the question “What happened/will happen?” It should also contain name of the company, that provides information. Build it according to the SVO rule - Subject Verb Object.


City, State, Date — Lead should consist of no more than 2-3 sentences and answer the questions Who? What? Where? When? Why? Answers to these questions should be brief and to the point and also encourage editors to read full texts and not to delete your message. Please also make sure not to use links, images and bullet points in the lead as it’s usually published as the preview thus has to be brief and clear.

Full Text
Text body should expand the news story. Every important point should be addressed in the first few sentences. The subsequent paragraphs should be for supporting information. Pack your press-release with hard numbers, experts’ quotes and opinions, technical details that support the significance of your product or announcement. The recommended length of a press release is about 2000 symbols.

You can include quote from the authoritative person (company director, partner or client) who is relevant to your company and who can add more information about publishing news.

About company
You need to place a brief description of your company and the services or products it offers here. You can also write about foundation of a company, its achievements and main goals.

Contact information:
Contact Person
Company Name
Phone Number
FAX Number
Email Address
Website URL

Also don’t forget about correct formatting of hyperlinks which should be executed in the right way.

We hope that this information was helpful for you and now you can compose your next press releases simply following this template.
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Every day the online media receive hundreds of press releases. At alone we help to distribute over 2,000 press releases every month. Journalists should obtain information quickly and decide what press releases to publish and which ones are not noteworthy. It’s no wonder that many press releases fall into oblivion.


Imagine that our PR kitchen has turned into a real kitchen where we’re to cook a dainty dish called “Press Release.” If we select the right ingredients and stick to the recipe, the dish will appeal to the taste of a professional taster — the journalist. And finally, the journalist will treat the readers — your potential target audience — with it.