Plan of events for 2018: Conferences and forums

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Our work is the Internet. We arrange publications with publishers, find sites to cooperate with different countries, and issue press-releases.

But sometimes we go offline to communicate with our partners, to know what our competitors have on their minds, and to show our progress. The most convenient idea to do so is to participate in conferences.

This year our stands will be arranged at 5 conferences. You will have an opportunity to communicate live with our managers.

The list is constantly updated.

Elevate Conference

Date: February 22, 2018
Location: 12 Decyatinnaya St, Kiev, Ukraine

Elevate Conference — is the first joint conference of IT-media and business. The industry leaders are gathering for one day to make proper contacts, exchange their experience, and push business to new levels.


  1. 25 media-companies, IT-business, and startups from all over the world;
  2. 15 speakers are going to talk about how to work with advertising, PR, and digital strategies, how to efficiently monetize the content.


  1. Useful contacts and efficient networking:
  2. After Party.

Sempro 2018 — conference for SEO-specialists

Date: March 16, 2018
Location: 6 b Vadim Getman St., “Cosmopolitan”, Kiev, Ukraine.

This year Sempro 2018 will be held by 19 experts from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Great Britain, and the USA.


  1. Experts in SEO, marketing content, and link building are going to talk about how to conquer the western market;
  2. Case study and panel discussions: the world experts will answer the urgent questions in the SEO field.
  3. Efficient networking: hundreds of potential customers, partners, and employees.


  1. Show-programme and after party.

RIF+KIB 2018

Date: April 18-20, 2018
Location: resort “Lesnye dali”, Moscow suburbs, Russia

RIF+KIB 2018 — is the 22nd traditional Russian internet-forum. The speakers are going to talk about the future of the Internet, technologies, communications, business, and the influence of “digits on offline”.


  1. Professional community and potential customers — up to 10 000 participants 
  2. 600 speakers are going to share their developments in digital and mobile economics, Digital-transformation and e-commerce, RTB, modern advertising technologies, web analytics, marketing, and PR.


  1. Sport and cultural events at the resort territory;
  2. Contests, fun competitions, partners’ actions.

iForum 2018

Date: April 25, 2018
Location: 15 Brovarskii pr., IEC, Kiev, Ukraine.

This year the Ukrainian IT-people forum iForum 2018 will be devoted to 9 major trends — internet-business and startups, advertising and promotion, Internet-technologies, the future of educational technologies, innovations, and blockchain.


  1. Panel discussions;
  2. Efficient networking;
  3. Exhibition-area with stands of IT-companies.


  1. Specialized location — “City of the Future”. You will be able to see and try the newest developments already changing our life for the better.
  2. Gorgeous after party.

8P 2018

Date: July 14, 2018
Location: 5 Gagarin Plato, Odessa, Ukraine

The key summer event is conference 8P on internet marketing at the Black Sea.  There will be 1300 participants from 10 countries and 36 speakers from top companies.


  1. 20 hours of reports and panel discussions;
  2. Cases from the best SEO and PPC -experts;
  3. Study of non-standard SEO-techniques;
  4. They will talk about what to consider at the project development stage, how to get back and hold customers.


  1. Pool-party — a party at the swimming pool, DJ-MC Anton live;
  2. Partners’ surprises and prize draws;
  3. 10-minute-walk to the Black sea.

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