How Supplements Press Service Work and Sometimes Replaces It

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One SEO-specialist of the company interested in cooperation applied to The problem was that the leaders rejected the idea to extend PR content through, as it will be cheaper to contact the mass media directly. How to prove to the administration that it is better to delegate distribution of publications than to be engaged in it independently?

The reason is that the price of the publication is at a top of an iceberg. There are several traps and pitfalls, which nullify the efficiency of independent work with mass media.

Speed or Time

To publish material, for example, in ten editions, it is necessary:

  1. To find the contact data, write, call, wait for the answer of the needed person.
  2. To see the price. To accept it.
  3. To prepare the contract. To pass all instances of signing. To sign the contract.
  4. To receive an account (sometimes there is no accountant in the place). To find out that the stipulated price did not include the VAT and seasonal coefficients. To agree to the new price.
  5. To pay the bill. To wait for the in payment on the account.
  6. To send the text to the editorial. To find out that the text does not meet the requirements (size in symbols, picture size, number of references).
  7. To adjust the text to an edition format, send it again.
  8. To receive the publication, to find out that the references are forgotten by the publication, the picture was stretched and the heading rewritten with a mistake in your company’s name.
  9. To send the changes for already published material, to wait for their integration.
  10. To approve.
  11. To repeat 10 times.

It is possible to object that all these stages concern only the publication on the website for the first time, and there are contacts for the repeated order, coupled with the signed contract. However, when you apply to mass media, it will become clear that publication conditions on platforms changed, the prices grew, and the manager who agreed to cooperate was replaced.

With, such a situation is impossible. We use the system approach: all information on mass media is actual, direct contacts with editions are established. Therefore, we also do not like to give uploads with the prices and conditions of the websites, they in turn rapidly become outdated.

How to Publish Material on the Federal Website through

  1. Select the platform which meets your requirements. All prices are final. Conditions are specified on the page of the platform.
  2. Pay the publication with any convenient account (cards of the whole world, PayPal, cashless settlement of any jurisdiction with and without the VAT, electronic money).
  3. Upload the text, even at this stage, we will check whether it approaches under a platform format.
  4. Within several hours you receive the publication on the website.
  5. It is done!

Terms of Payment

The platforms specify prices in convenient currencies, though it is not always favorable to clients. Some websites accept payment only on a cashless settlement with the VAT and put expenses in publication cost. The client and the platform can differ in form of ownership, and it will create additional problems at mutual exchanges. If the brand needs publications in different countries, there is a question of currencies converting. It is even more difficult with payment on PayPal or Webmoney. Meanwhile, if mass media accept payment in bitcoins (there are already such ones). undertakes all questions of payment and works with clients according to the scheme, convenient for them. All tariffs specified on our website are actual and are regularly updated.

The Resources

The most expensive resource to which many do not pay attention – the time employees spent working on search and placement. It is far better to spend time on strategy development and charge the operator of this market with mechanics.

Time expenses on the organization of the independent publication are incompatible in comparison with what offers. Only the press service can distribute ten articles or press releases quickly, and it is expensive to maintain it.

Mass Media Relevance

The list of platforms in is updated quicker than the client can manage to work at it. Some editions are closed, and there appear the new ones, some drop out of the search results list, others gather audience promptly. Our task is to update this information quickly. The actual catalog of the international, national, regional, and branch mass media is one more factor in the fast distribution of PR content.

How the Works is a field for fully-fledged management of the companies PR activity.

How to Make the Audience Read Your Text (Article, News or Press Release):

— Choose the platform by means of information (subject, geography, attendance, SEO-indicators, behavioral factors) collected by us;
— Pay in a convenient way;
— Add the text, considering the requirements and if there is no text, we will write or prepare it based on the existing materials;
— Receive the publication in the stipulated terms. cooperates with more than seven thousand mass media in 140 countries, which address readers in 55 languages. The cost of publications starts at 20 dollars, and the top limit is terminated only by opportunities of the company.

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