How to arrange the section “Mass Media Write about Us” properly

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Each company dreams of getting on the pages of newspapers, flashing on the covers of authoritative magazines, and receiving thousands of references in the mass media. You can see the section “Mass Media about Us” on the websites of different brands. There are references to publications, television stories, and even PDF files with scans of newspapers and magazines. Such an approach helps to earn the reputation of experts and to convince leads to become clients. Everything seems simple, but in practice, some incidents can occur.

Why the section “We in Mass Media” is necessary

The page with all references to a brand in mass media solves several tasks at once:

— It is easy for new clients to trust the company that is mentioned on the expert websites.

— It is easy for journalists to find topics on which other magazines have already written.

— Competitors’ envy.

How to arrange the section “Mass Media Write about Us” correctly

Make the section simple and clear for the reader. It is not necessary to make a long list of references to publications; they can cease to work through some time. The list of PDFs will be redundant, and clients have no time to download a screen copy of publications. You are not that important to them yet.

Example of the page which will be difficult for a reader to understand:

Rename the section “Mass Media about Us” into “We in Mass Media.” It is a small psychological trick. The phrase “about us” reads “We did nothing, it happened by itself.” In the text, “We in mass media,” customers will see that the company made an effort to get into the information space and works on the reputation.

Make screenshots.  It is necessary to add a logo of the publishing house, so that your readers understand which mass media wrote about you. However, the publisher can be against using his logo without permission. In such cases, make a publication screenshot; under the copyright law, it will be considered as your work.

Here, you can see what references were received by the company in mass media, but it is unclear where it was published.

How not to …

Do not distort the essence of the article or heading. If you received a reference or publication in an official mass media, do not twist the facts and write on your website that mass media considers you the best company in the country. According to the law on advertising, all facts must be documented.

One of our clients published the advertising text on the Russian version of Forbes through The heading was like: “The ‘Better Cash’ company – number 1 on sales of rabbit balloons in the city of Zhmykhov”. Technically, such a title does not break any law on advertising: there are only a few suppliers of balloons in Zhmykhov, and only the advertised company sells them in the form of rabbits.

After a while, this customer posted the information in the section “Mass Media Write about Us” that the ‘Better Cash’ company – number one on sales of balloons according to Forbes, and this is the misrepresentation.

Of course, the article on Forbes is marked as a “partner material, ” and the publishing house does not break the federal law “About advertising.” However, the format of the text is very close to the editorial material; it is presented in the form of questions from the journalist and the answers of the head of the company. Forbes, as an authoritative mass media, values the reputation and worries about the reader who can consider advertising to be the editor’s point of view.

Alexander Serkov

Alexander Serkov is the chief editor of PRNEWS.IO, has been with the company since 2013.

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