Tips for Marketing a Bitcoin Website

The last couple of years have brought along a considerable increase in bitcoin-related websites, and nowadays, companies and start-ups throughout the world have begun focusing on the digital currency. However, successfully promoting a crypto-related website can be a bit difficult at first, given the niche.

In this article, backed by a few facts from BitcoinPlay, we will attempt to offer some marketing tips for those involved in the digital currency ecosystem.

1. Targeting

At this time, numerous bitcoin websites only target their content to those who are specifically interested in the digital currency! Because of this aspect, regardless of the marketing effort being put in, the audience can only increase to a certain point. A great strategy would be to attempt targeting people who are involved with a couple of more niches that can be linked to bitcoin, for instance: investors, trading, business, start-ups, internet of things, other digital currencies, finance, economy, banks, tech and more! These are all niches filled with people that have likely heard about bitcoin, and are willing to give it a try.

2. Don’t be too technical

While most people that are involved with bitcoin on a daily basis may know the ins and outs of the digital currency, your marketing campaign shouldn’t be based on technical terms that common people wouldn’t understand. The more open your campaign is, the higher are the chances for other people to read your posts, understand the services being offered, and become customers in the future once they try using the currency.

3. Backlinks

Getting a good number of backlinks is a sure-fire way to boost your website. However, due to the niche in question, many webmasters are afraid of featuring posts as they believe that their readers wouldn’t understand the terms, or aren’t interested in the digital currency. However, when writing a featured post, you don’t have to relate to bitcoin directly- therefore, a post meant for gathering backlinks can focus on a different subject, yet somehow relate to bitcoin. A good tip in this regard would be to start your very own outreach campaign, focused on websites that are based on niches which can be linked to bitcoin, as mentioned above. will help you to choose an appropriate news hook and publish the sponsored post for receiving backlinks.

4. Accept digital currencies as a form of payment

There is nothing more discouraging than a website related to digital currencies which offers a product or service, yet only accepts fiat as a method of payment. If you have a website on this niche, then make sure that regardless of what you are selling, bitcoin, and perhaps other digital currencies as well, are available as methods of payment. After all, even big companies such as Expedia, Microsoft, Overstock, Dish Network and Dell are fans of the coin.

5. Get sponsored posts on popular crypto-related blogs

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are now hundreds of popular crypto websites, therefore, these can be great sources of spreading content. The prices usually aren’t too high, and a single, well-written post on one of these blogs can attract a huge number of visitors. A good tip in this direction would be to avoid using your entire budget to post on a single website- rather, split it to multiple popular sites, especially those that have shown a focus on the type of work that your website does. You can select desirable portals for publishing from our marketplace. We have found more than 200 crypto-related websites from around the world for you.

By keeping these aspects in mind, the marketing process of a crypto-related website shouldn’t be too difficult! Just make sure to focus on what you are trying to achieve in order to guarantee the best results.


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