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After the press release writing is completed, the next step is to determine how to find the necessary journalists’ emails for its successful publication. To be fair, it’s a rather time-consuming task, but you can’t go further without it.

You may spend hours thinking of newsworthy information, a catchy headline, or an appropriate structure of your press release, but if your news will not get into the right hands — all your efforts will be wasted. So making your press release published is the key point in your workflow process.

But before looking for the sources, please pay attention to the structure of your email. Taking into account that journalists receive hundreds of emails every day, try to compose a well-crafted message with brief and captivating subject line which spells out what news is. And by the way, make sure it’s relevant to each particular journalist. Also keep in mind that it’s better to send such emails in advance (depending from the day of publication), in order to give journalists some additional time for revising.

Let’s trace the following ways which help you to get journalists’ emails

Contacting reporters

It will be great if you can send the email with the reference to a person that the journalist knows. In this way your email will never be ignored. Or make a call to the editor you may be acquainted with. Try to build considerate relationships with people in news media, it always works in your favor.

Find Journalist’s Blog

You can find journalists’ contacts browsing their profile pages as well as you can send an invitation to connect on LinkedIn or any other social network. Check the comments section where you may find the email address as well. Or you may find somebody who’s willing to give you the reporter’s email address.

Buy contacts from online sources

It is the most proven and proper way to get all needed contacts, but it will cost you money.

Use Google

If you are not going to buy directories by yourself, you can use Google search by typing “media lists” and find the necessary names.

Get Journalists’ Contact You

It’s the best alternative among others, but in this case you need to get an editor or reporter maximum interested and sting to the quick. It should be some great news which will grab journalist’s attention and make him/her contact you.


If you want to save your time and money, but still need to publish your press release — is the best option to meet this challenge. Being the most reliable and user-friendly platform, offers to create, publish and distribute your press-releases just in few clicks. Additionally, you can choose quality news media websites for placing all necessary PR-materials. Our service helps to select those particular websites which are constantly being observed by your potential customers, partners/affiliates and investors. In this way you can easily publish your press release and reach your target audience.

As you can see, there are many ways for finding journalists’ emails. It depends on your budget, PR and marketing needs which one is the most helpful and suitable for you.

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