Became the Official Media Sponsor of PR’MIX Conference

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VII Annual PR’MIX Conference will feature the topic about all aspects of digital PR. The media platform is one of the main sponsors of this event which will be attended by 20 speakers and 300 listeners.

PR’MIX Concept 2015 is dedicated to four topic-based areas: measuring PR effectiveness, anti-crisis PR, personal factors in the PR-industry, principles of working with information in PR field and PR-instruments. During the years of conferencing, more than 3,000 people attended this event.

PRNEWS.IO actively participates in various informative, IT or marketing events. Supporting PR’MIX Conference gives PRNews company the great opportunity to exchange experience and share the best practices with other participants as well as offer its products and services to the modern informative market.

This year, PR-community meets the launch of platform. It’s the new global service which offers to distribute and share PR-materials on international media markets.

Alexander Storozhuk, CEO at says, “We always strive for informative partnership, but not for the purpose of our company’s promotion. Our goal is to show to our PR colleagues what services we can offer them and how these services can impact on their businesses. Partnership in this format helps us to become better as PR’MIX conference is always about fresh ideas, new tools and creative inspiration.”

PRNEWS.IO is the tool for managing companies’ PR activities on the Internet. Based on the all-in-one box concept, allows businesses to distribute information in the media world, whether it’s news agencies, industry-specific sites or themed blogs.

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