The First Webinar on Announced

PRNews help users with their PR issues all these recent years. We created a platform that allows posting news in the company’s press room for free. Business owners can also use for distributing press releases and finding platforms for publishing native advertising and sponsored content.

But it seems that many of our clients use only a few options of and have little knowledge about other opportunities we can offer.

Due to this, we decided to host our first webinar and share the knowledge with all our friends and clients. This webinar will be dedicated the opportunities for marketing and PR that offers to users. We will show you how to use our platform, how to create a free press room for posting press releases about your company on a regular basis. We will describe you the opportunities that provides for distributing sponsored articles across various platforms.

We welcome all our users to register for the webinar and choose the date and time when it would be the most comfortable to watch.

Here is the link to the registration form:

Click Here

Don’t forget to leave your questions about and its functionality. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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Company news

Today, no commercial company or public organization can be successful without a network presence. To promote websites, blogs, webcards and other Internet platforms, huge financial and time resources are spent. Most of this painstaking work is done by SEO specialists.

Company news

The mission of the company is a part of its sense of existence, which has no relation to money. The mission serves as the basis of the company's values. It determines the role of the company in society. We will tell what the mission is, how to formulate it, will show the examples of popular companies, and of course, will introduce the PRNEWS.IO mission.