Interview with Pavel Kurgansky, SEO in

Meet Pavel Kurgansky, Internet marketing professional and SEO specialist with over 5 years of experience. He used to promote websites for many clients. Now he is a part of the team.

We asked Pavel to share his experience with our readers. Particularly: how companies can get publicity with the best outcome for the lowest price. We talked about:

  • Why paid articles sometimes are less effective than free;
  • When it’s better to rely on agencies instead of outreaching yourself;
  • How to choose the right means for publications according to goals;
  • Is the quality of content based on its price;
  • Mass or selective distribution: what works better.

Let’s get right to the subject of money. What’s more effective: free or paid media publications?

Myself, I make use of both, but it’s more important to understand that reaching your target audience through an article in trade publications can be hard. You should create a really catchy and newsworthy copy, while also contacting editors and journalists. Also keep in mind the format of the media etc. When I find agents who have contacts in various media to help me publish an article - I work with them. It costs money, but it also raises the prospect of being published in the right media.

Your business type matters too. If you run a small local store, it’s better to get a social media account or to publish your ad in a local newspaper. Your audience is there. But if you’re running an ambitious project, you need to spend some money for publicity. In that case you have to focus on paid publications.

Of course, you can hire marketers and PR-managers. They will study news portals and churn out press releases. But it won’t get you in trustworthy media and you need trustworthy media to get more clients.

Is it better to use agency services instead of distributing a press release yourself?

The bottom line here is that agencies save you time. They have an established and long-working database of contacts. They know what kind of content fits a particular media resource. They can also write a press release for you and send it to publishers which is great. The reason this is great is because not any on-staff copywriter can create an article that meets all the requirements of a publisher. Agency work involves professional writers who know specifics of a certain media. Thus, you save time on proofreading, revisions and contacting the editor. Just estimate the amount of time and money you spend on your staff writers. It becomes obvious that you should have paid to agency instead. That doesn't mean you shouldn’t forge your own relationship with editors. It proves useful with time.

In any case, it all depends on your time, schedule, project specifics and size.

We know that before you used services. It’s another project of our team focused on press release distribution. Can you describe your work with them?

I used services when I worked on other projects. E.g. for distributing information about a company’s exhibitions in Germany. At the time we had no services at levels that had access to top-notch foreign media. is a leading service for press release distribution across the CIS market. They offer a huge marketplace of quality websites and follow timeframes.

That’s why in my opinion is a cool project with a huge potential. They set a quality bar really high. E.g. if you aim at the U.S. market, you will have a native speaker write an article or a press release for you considering the requirements of a chosen media resource. After having issues with other services, I see is exactly what the doctor prescribed.

And what exactly do you do in

Our team finds out what are the customer’s needs. Are those PR, traffic or SEO goals. First we help our customers to set clear goals. After that, we help them choose the proper platforms for publication. We created a page Here, a customer can choose a platform for distribution according to their needs and their budget. They set the goal, the number of publications and the country for distribution.

In some cases the customer needs professional advice on media and marketing strategies. But this is the exception rather than the rule. Not every project needs such a deep approach. Usually, I focus on media outreach, traffic and link-building.

Do you think the quality of PR distribution depends on its price?

It’s a philosophical issue. From my experience, the quality depends on price in most cases. Take the example of a reputable specialized platform that works with sponsored content for a long time. They know the market perfectly and set the price that guarantees the highest revenue and attracts the biggest number of customers. Of course, they should look out for their rivals. As a result we get issue market averages for publications.

New platforms may either go for higher than average or lower than average prices on the market that they can’t afford the orders inflow. We can say the same about quality press release distribution. Professional writers knows the price of their work and its market value. No one will write copy at 1,000 characters for $1. Honestly, we get such copies sometimes - they need serious editing and proofreading.

So, paid-for distribution is your choice?

If you run a small local business - don’t waste your time and money for marketers and PR-managers. Establish contacts with local media, write catchy and useful articles for them. If you feel that you can’t manage the job stream yourself and need publicity or targeted traffic, just contact the agency.

What is better - mass distribution or targeted publication?

It depends. What is your goal - the number of publications, traffic or links to you from renowned media? Need traffic and a link from a famous resource? Opt for a targeted publication. Need lots of publications? Choose mass distribution.

Finally, give your recommendations to the companies that wish to get publicity.

I recommend using a system approach. Create a business-plan, craft a marketing strategy and a media strategy within it. Then visit our platform. You will be satisfied with our work if you know exactly what your goals are. For well-organized business processes, getting results is just a matter of time.

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