Ukraine’s National Flag Day: Joins Celebration

Today the team celebrates The Ukraine’s National Flag Day with the entire country. It’s a special day for all ukrainians and we are happy to join this celebration from our office.

This day precedes The Ukraine’s Independence Day on August, 24 and has a special meaning for every citizen of our country. Ukrainians pay tribute to the national symbol of Ukraine — blue-and-yellow flag and show their respect to it. team wishes to share emotions and warm feelings with all our readers and partners around the world. Our team is still young and not very big for now, but we are strong and proud to run our business worldwide with the best companies from various countries helping them to grow.

We’re already partnered with many renowned publishers and news agencies and we are open to the world and have great ideas and plans for it (just look at the world map behind us!) Let’s make it a better place together!

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Company news

Creating content in multiple languages ​​and posting it in the media all across the world is not an easy task. Our client is a large international company. It had planned a global campaign in 22 countries. The order included writing more than 150 articles and placing them on the pages of foreign media. The main aim is to reach the top of the search in all countries among the sites of cosmetics and perfumery stores.

Company news

Placing publications at not one, but at several dozens of media sites is quite a troublesome procedure. It is necessary to take into account the forms of payment, time of release, the editorial policy of media, requirements to the uniqueness and other factors. One of our clients faced with the problem of executing payments from abroad. It was necessary to pay for about 40 publications in the media of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.