How to Get Your App Featured in TechCrunch or TechInsider

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Well, the first question should be: Why is it so important to get your app featured on platforms such as TechCrunch and TechInsider?

It’s all about reach. Both these platforms are the leaders in technology media. For many TechCrunch and TechInsider are the go-to publications of choice. Coverage on either of these media channels will give your product mass exposure and a great deal of credibility.

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Of course, nothing can guarantee success. Equally, you will be able to cite certain examples of apps that didn’t get coverage on TechCrunch and still went on to be extremely successful. Flipboard, for example, is a social magazine app that is used by millions every day and is well-known for being a great way of reading, sharing, and collecting stories about your own areas of interest. It was awarded Apple’s iPad App of the Year in 2010 — a fantastic feat.

Flipboard didn’t get covered on TechCrunch. But this is an isolated exception to the rule…

If you want your app to be successful, you really want to get it featured on TechCrunch and Engadget.

So here’s how you do it…

Exclusivity and Exposure

TechCrunch prides itself on breaking tech news, profiling startups, and reviewing new apps, but they really like to be the ones breaking the story. If you offer an exclusive, you are much more likely to get your app featured in TechCrunch and similar sites!

If you can trust people to embargo, getting people to write about the app in 3 or 4 blogs — all posted at the same time — will do your chances a great deal of good.

Finally, consider writing a blog post of your own that explains the technology behind the app. This gives people something to link to. It’s a great way of spreading the word about your app too.

Use different platforms

Blogs are great but don’t only use them. Social media — can be used to share blogs once they are out, obviously — but it’s also a great way to create a bit of a buzz. Twitter and Instagram are great for this. Tempt and tease your audience. It’s also a great way to increase credibility as positive comments come in, make sure you retweet and scare the hell out of them. Video demos are also another way to spread your message.

Give it time and build things

You have to build relationships with journalists and bloggers before you actually need them. Help with stories, leak information, guest posting cultivates a relationship. Similarly, don’t rush launching your app, give adequate time to create interest in the product, so that the story naturally builds around it.

Interest is something that can be carefully nurtured and cultivated so that it lends considerable weight to your product launch.

As we’ve already said, there can never be any guarantees, but if you follow the tips above you will find that your app has much more chance of being featured on the leading platforms such as TechCrunch and TechInsider.

Alexander Serkov

Alexander Serkov is the chief editor of PRNEWS.IO, has been with the company since 2013.

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