Pick Up The Most Newsworthy Topic Ideas for Your Press Releases

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Let’s find newsworthy topics to write about in your press release.

Before you start writing your press release, first you need to think about the news hook which can be any PR cause or just an informative message. Choose an appropriate topic that can be engaging and attention-getting for both editors and your target audience.

Taking into account that press releases can increase your company’s visibility and have a certain impact on your search engine rankings, the necessity to make your press release published is out of the question. Whatever business industry you are working in, it’s important to deliver original, effective, and up-to-date content relating to your company. Sometimes it can be a challenge to come up quickly with great ideas. But if your company is running, you definitely have some news to share.

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newsworthy topics to write about

You just need to choose a suitable subject and generate the news yourself. So if you are stuck on what to write for your next press release – you may find the most newsworthy ideas to grab editors’ attention below:

Company news:

  • Grand opening;
  • Launch of a new website;
  • Announcing a media appearance;
  • Milestone accomplishments;
  • Company anniversary;
  • Expanding or renovating the organization;
  • Business rebranding, etc.

Company information:

  • Completion of a project;
  • Marketing trends affecting your business;
  • Restructuring your business or its business model;
  • New market studies, research and surveys;
  • Forming a new strategic partnership;
  • Financial and earnings updates;
  • Inspirational stories related to your business, etc.

Marketing results:

  • Promotions of new products and services;
  • Seasonal discounts (Thanksgiving; Black Friday; Christmas, etc.);
  • Free giveaways;
  • Social media contest;
  • New uses for existing products;
  • Free consultations, trial offers and samples;
  • New promotional programs like referral rewards, etc.


  • Upcoming TV or radio interview;
  • Media and speaker appearances by executives;
  • Upcoming presentation or speaking engagement;
  • Being quoted in a book or article;
  • Workshop you are presenting;
  • Expert opinion on an important subject within your business;
  • New book, video or online course, etc.

Community life newsworthy topics to write about:

  • Involvement with a charity;
  • Participation in local events and fairs;
  • Green initiative;
  • Open days or community exhibits;
  • Honor an institution;
  • Team sponsorships;
  • Employees participating in a group or serving on a board or committee.

Of course, there’s always room for more ideas, we just gave you the basic topics which can inspire you to write new press releases and make them noticed and covered by picky journalists. The most important thing is to write a well-composed press release and almost any event can be turned into news. Following some useful tips, you will absolutely succeed.

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