How to get published on VentureBeat and TheNextWeb

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In this blog, we will give you some helpful advice about how to get yourself published on two key websites: VentureBeat and TheNextWeb. For tried and trusted tactics that will get you published, read on!

The opportunity and benefits of getting published on VentureBeat and TheNextWeb

First, let’s consider why you should want to get published on these sites. It’s simple really — the major media coverage that sites such as VentureBeat and TheNextWeb offer is one of the best ways of generating attention for your business!

It’s really a win/win situation. The great thing is that it boosts your credibility and traffic to your website. Huge spikes in traffic are great, obviously, but it’s the credibility boost that is actually more important. You earn credibility with your customer base over time. That’s your day-to-day business. If you provide an excellent product and service to your customers every single time you do business with them, your credibility grows.

But that takes time. And, it’s Catch 22, unless you are seen as being credible within your field, potential customers stay as just that — potential customers. Exposure on sites such as VentureBeat and TheNextWeb gives you that credibility!

From that you can expect, not just a spike in traffic to your site but also: increased newsletter subscribers, increased investor interest and increased sales and sign ups!

So, what are you waiting for?

Craft the perfect press release

Regardless of what you do with it and how you get it out there, if your press release isn’t perfect then, essentially, you are wasting your time. Think in terms of the Three Cs: Credible, Compelling and Convincing.

You must create an interesting story that is convincing, and is therefore compelling as being news worthy. You must offer convincing and compelling reasons why your company is credible — quotes from investors and customers can help with this.

If your press release follows a suitable structure and is credible, compelling and convincing, then you have a chance.

Distribution of your press release

Once you are satisfied that you have created the killer press release, next is the crucial step of getting it to the right people. This is really how to get featured on VentureBeat Journalists or contacts must be approached with an email that is crafted in a personal and totally unique way. Being lazy and copying and pasting your standard email here simply won’t cut it. For more advice on how to craft the perfect email, read Effective Email Pitches.

If you can get an introduction through a mutual contact it can be really useful. Alternatively, search social media for a multi-channel contact.

Use online services

Another option is to utilise online services, such as HARO (Help A Reporter Out). It is as two-way service that is as useful for journalists as it for sources. With a reach of over 35,000 journalists and 0ver 475,000 sources, it’s a great way for journalists to source stories and for sources to get that all-important major media coverage.

Sponsored content platforms

And this is where we come in… Another great way of getting featured on VentureBeat or published on TheNextWeb is to use a sponsored content platform like prnews.io. We can offer immediate coverage.

For more information about sponsored content, try What sponsored content is… and what it isn’t.

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