MedShop24 Case: 1 press release equals 2 new customers

At the end of 2015 an online-store of medical equipment MedShop24 issued one press release. By cooperation with the company reached out to 1,500 audience, attracted 110 visitors to website and made two sales.


MedShop24 website deals with sales of medical equipment. The specific nature of this niche is such that demand for products of this group remains episodic and situational, namely, the purchase is made only when there is a specific need to cure illness. Experience has shown that discounts and special offers in this niche don’t work that well as with selling t-shirts.

To conduct the PR-campaign MedShop24 chose — the platform for press releases distribution. Considering the line of work in a narrow niche, it was determined to put out feelers with particular focus groups, that could have been interested in the store products. The first choice fell on sportsmen: the press release was published, entitled “Online-Store MedShop24 explained what sportsmen most often shop for”. The press release body text introduced the most favored devices that help sportsmen improve their shape.

Through the press release distribution, the material was published on two cross-thematic platforms with high traffic, along with other two special-purpose websites — medical and sports-themed ones.

As a result of one press release distribution MedShop24 gained the following:

  • An approximate audience coverage: 1553 users
  • 110 website visits from all press release sources
  • Average page depth (depth of visit): 6,16 (average within website: 3,36)
  • Average time on site: 00:04:12 (average within website: 00:04:10)
  • Sales: 2
  • Transaction rate: 1,818 %

One of the remarkable things about both sales is that they occurred from visits leading from a powerful info portal — In terms of this source, the transaction rate equals 18,18 %, which a lot more exceeds conversion rate of an average online-store.

Thus the cost of attracting one customer totaled $35 for MedShop24. However the specific nature of work in this niche implies a long-term user LTV. It means that one can make money off such customers only on the second or third round. The MedShop24 top-management notes that in future they are going to use press releases as an advertising tool for reaching out to narrow focus groups.

What was customer’s conclusion

Press releases can become a point tool for testing the waters with sales in certain segments of potential customers. A correct topic selection can prompt a decent conversion even on the condition of a low website traffic. Such success is due to the fact that unlike other ads types press releases are viewed only by users interested in the topic. Therefore conversion rates might be very high.

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