How Has the Google SEO Changed in 2016?

The beginning of 2016 was rough for SEO specialists. Due to the "Minusinsk" algorithm, the new AGS filter and penalties for twisting user behavior factors, the positions of many commercial sites in search results became unstable, and so did the traffic.

Having lost their positions in Yandex search results in a moment, many companies got interested in promotion in Google. And as it turned out, they did not go wrong: in May 2016, Google overtook Yandex in popularity in Russia. The monthly number of Google users exceeded 20 million.

Семантическое ядро сайта

Before you start, it is crucial to carry out a market analysis, especially if you want to achieve a long-term effect. You need to understand how your competitors are working.

Based on the projected traffic, you can take the average conversion of the site (usually it is in the range of 1-3% for a standard store and 3-5% for a multilanding) and calculate a possible number of leads.

Once the complete semantics is assembled, you can estimate the amount of traffic you will get as a result of the site promotion. The second step will be the audit of your site, which includes technical analysis and internal SEO audit.

To draw up a proper strategy for the advertising campaign, you should know the personality of your customer; learn about their needs and habits. You need to understand what will make your project really useful.

A long-term linkbuilding strategy is also extremely significant for the successful website promotion. A classic press release is the perfect tool for such a strategy. Moreover, you should remember about the so-called "donors". We recommend checking out the differences between articles and press releases, as well as the tips on writing press releases optimized for search.

In addition, the development of the SMM strategy would become a great solution. Here, it is important to decide upon the selected platforms and methods of the material presentation.

As we can see, in 2016 Google keeps eliminating the artificial methods of the website promotion, working on the unnatural links in particular. Now, the high-quality content is at the focal point.

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