How To Catch The Traffic Wave: ShopScanner Case Study

We all know that websites need traffic, but not everyone knows why they need it. The objective of getting traffic to a website can be made significantly easier with the existence of a tangible and particular purpose or goal. Customers from the e-commerce segment are able to calculate each attracted customer in kilograms of efficient ROI. This illustrative case is about ShopScanner.


ShopScanner was established in 2015 as a training platform for searching a better price for specific products. Working as a price aggregator, it allows anyone to find the most beneficial offers in Russian online-stores with the relevant discount and ongoing promo campaigns.

«ShopScanner is a partner resource thaе sends a potential customer to a website of a particular online-store and gets a commision in the case of purchase», — said the Project Founder Andrey Koval.

The functional website search allows people to find a specific model of shoes, clothing or accessories for women, men and children by any particular brand. Furthemore, with the help of ShopScanner you may also use cashback-service.

In the lead-up to enormous sales within Black Friday in Russia, which take place mainly on the web, ShopScanner is most needed for an increase in traffic. &

What to do if you need traffic? Catch the wave! The solution was issuing the press release with the message about huge sales in online-stores for a Russian BlackFriday campaign. A press event, pitched to a mass audience, served as a basis. Thus, the press release «The online-stores bringing down the prices by Black Friday came to light» briefed about the start and conditions of sales within a 3-day promo.

The omission of the ShopScanner service name in the heading enhanced clickability of the latter. Users’ moves on the site were achieved through the most important and desired information — the list of shops participating in the campaign — being placed at ShopScanner link.

The third key-aspect was the time of publication. Black Friday in Russia started on November 26, 2015 that's why the press release had been planned to be published exactly by the start of sales.

ShopScanner press release was distributed by and published on the following platforms as, Metro, Russian Dialogue. In the first 5 hours after the publication and dissemination, the material got reprinted a few times in different media, and gained over 11950 referrals.

As a result of the campaign, the traffic was attracted through and sent to webpages with products in online-stores, it provided the ShopScanner project 36 purchase orders for a total value of $2 750.

According to Andrey Koval, the price of one user attraction cost project only $0,019, and the conversion of a visitor into a customer — $8,33.

ROI = $2750 / $300 = 916%.

It seems that the press-release not only paid off, but it also produced profits.

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