Wanted Keen and Smart: Become a Guest Contributor on

As far as any PR person knows, you can be the coolest specialist, but you will not climb to success if no one knows about it. Blog service is one of the sites where you can share your skills.

If you have experience in marketing and PR, become a Guest Contributor on and share your knowledge with like-minded people. Real case studies, research findings, an analysis of innovative ideas and search for effective solutions will provide you a successful publicity and interest of potential partners and customers, opening up the great opportunity for networking.

Wanted Keen and Smart: Become a Guest Contributor on

Who are we looking for?

Experts of PR, professionals of internet marketing, SEO and SMM, investors and entrepreneurs.

What will be in demand?

  • analysis of case studies;
  • experience in adapting innovative methods to the realities of the local markets;
  • step-by-step guides;
  • relevant findings;
  • analysis of marketing trends.

How does it work?

We accept unique content only. Editorial Team of reserves the right to remove advertising content and links and make the necessary changes to the text and the title of the post for better virality.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, please fill out the following form and we’ll consider your application.

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Today, no commercial company or public organization can be successful without a network presence. To promote websites, blogs, webcards and other Internet platforms, huge financial and time resources are spent. Most of this painstaking work is done by SEO specialists.

Company news

The mission of the company is a part of its sense of existence, which has no relation to money. The mission serves as the basis of the company's values. It determines the role of the company in society. We will tell what the mission is, how to formulate it, will show the examples of popular companies, and of course, will introduce the PRNEWS.IO mission.