New Channels to Promote Your Business: 50 Thousand News Websites from Across the World

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15 thousand media outlets joined the online platform PRNEWS.IO over the last quarter. Now platform’s clients can publish news, press releases, and advertising articles through a total of 50 thousand media outlets from 200 countries. The latest additions were mainly accredited to publishers from Spain, Poland and the USA.

Today the sponsored content marketplace catalog consists of 52 subject categories. For this reason, representatives of various business areas with different goals and purposes can select media sources for successful PR campaigns.

In order to promote the regional minimarket chain, the best option is to publish content through local online media. When a company looks for outside investment, it is better to make itself known through business media in advance and work on getting mentioned in the media. When a business expands and matures, for example in the markets of Poland or Spain, it should promote its services through the media of these aforementioned countries.

With PRNEWS.IO you can reliably and quickly publish material on websites of leading media outlets, industry sources, and subject blogs with no time restrictions, boundaries, and quirky payment systems.

“Our service is ideal for companies wanting to develop new markets, test marketing opportunities, and introduce their brand to a new audience,” Alex Nigmatulin, CMO, comments.

“The platform services are useful not only for global companies or e-commerce representatives but also local businesses like language schools, recruiting agencies, studios, equipment manufacturers and others.”

As Alex explains, moving beyond the usual market boundaries for representatives of such businesses is a vital necessity. Before the Covid-19 quarantine restrictions came into play, business relations were primarily based on personal contacts and meetings. Today, the company image is based on online representation and search results.

About the company:

PRNEWS.IO platform provides guaranteed placement of sponsored content through online media around the world. The platform helps to increase awareness among potential partners and investors, boost sales, and gain link authority. Today, the PRNEWS.IO catalog contains more than 50 thousand media sources from different countries. Thanks to PRNEWS.IO, any company, regardless of its location or size, can push its content to news feeds of leading media corporations.

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