How to Measure Your PR Success

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You will probably agree with us when we say that it’s always tricky to talk about expected results and proper credits for what you do in public relations until you can find the way to measure its effectiveness.

But, still, it’s crucially important to ensure that assigned goals are met and your efforts are not in vain. Whether you need to track your “weak spots” and analyze gaps or you are going to plan some marketing activities for the next business year, you’ll definitely require utilizing the main methods that will guide the impact of PR on your business:

Feedback and mentions

It is the most important measure of your online performance, so you should always pay attention on your client’s reviews and comments. Whether your product or service meets their needs, the effectiveness of your customer service, and whether your clients satisfied overall or not. Moreover, potential clients will sit up and notice what you past customers are saying about your brand. You need to track when and where these mentions are happening. The next point will drive this in deeper.

Press Coverage

Here comes the questions — which sites picked up your post, press release or any other published material, how reputable are they, how much traffic and visits they have, etc. By the way, if you haven’t promoted your site with press releases yet, you definitely need to come visit our place.

If you want to place your news or reports on a particular platform, our site makes it easy to choose the necessary news website or portal from our marketplace and be sure that your news will be guaranteed published. The service provides you with sponsored publications as well as lets you focus on implementation of information strategies, collecting an online media database, as well as sending email newsletters.

Traffic data

Using some helpful web tools which assist you in measuring your traffic and online activity in general, you can get all answers to your questions. For example, Google Analytics will help you to search the traffic data as well as learn more about it.

Sales growth

You will know that this is the overall performance indicator, an important measure of your work. You will need to look at how many sales you generated, from which countries you got most of orders, which products/services were bought the most frequently, etc. Analyzing all these points will help you to paint a more accurate picture of your executed work and make new business plans for the future.

Summing up, we would like to mention that with such a great variety of online tools and services, you can easily measure your PR success as well as your business development. Always remember, anything worth doing is worth measuring.

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Alexander Serkov

Alexander Serkov is the chief editor of PRNEWS.IO, has been with the company since 2013.

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